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Questionable artwork and pedantic miscellany
August 29, 2017
because of the family imagery in the third intermission, protests were feared about the Pac-couple having a Pac-baby out of wedlock.

page 49 of that, redrawn. compare to that if you need proof this was justified.

I had to remove some visually interesting details from the exterior shot for more consistency, Even with all the silly nonsense going on it seems to be important to me to have some basis of what is and is not so. and so also i have filled in interior details which i only established existed when i first drew the page after this one, and unconcerned about consistency as I was then, never made so.

But now I wonder about the validity of a medieval watch tower on kumquat’s “property,” since everything else inside seems to be either dirt or industrial, as if kumquat is dwelling in an abandoned, converted factory. I re-considered the tower to have a shoddy sheet metal exterior, but that contradicts earlier shots of the spiral staircase whose specific mood, with the presence of a torch, was dependent on the walls being stone.
I could retroactively claim, if I ever “reveal” that kumquat IS in an old factory, that the tower was bought at a yard sale or was inflatable, but that would mean going out of my way to clarify an inconsistency that most people would not notice. And therefore I would need to show kumquat buying something ELSE at a yard sale with the tower there incidentally, which would be too strange to be funny unless it were the focus. And so i would need to show kumquat inflating a different stone structure, but I do not know when that would ever come up.
I COULD indicate that -all- the exterior details are fake, as if wallpaper or an exceedingly eccentric paint job are involved, but i would still need to redraw the interior of the spiral staircase.

Additionally, the next page shows pog emerging from a body of water that plainly is not the one near kumquat’s house, because that is full of blue dope goop and the dope was not able to climb out of it easily, despite having, presumably, greater reach than pog does. But THIS page shows pog in a little boat.
i could remove the boated pog, but that is the only interesting background detail here. Although the dope pond is shown to be a short distance from the house(s) rather than immediately beside and certainly not behind them, so this may still work. The other vessels behind pog on the following page are disconnected enough from “serious” details that I do not need them to seem plausible.
I wish I had given half as much thought as this ten years ago! Or just never thought of it at all since on further reflection the “i am known by many names” frame makes least sense of all and I never considered changing that.

this ought to be the last page which requires a complete redrawing, since I never really finished drawing it to begin with. and doing this brings me back mentally and it makes sense that i was looking for ways to not draw it. But it is not the last one that needs loads of work on it. And if I want to be able to show an example issue at the one art show I attend, in october, I will need to get through fourteen more. oh!

August 24, 2017
Also, the story is furry-related, all the main characters are anthros and they are legit.

I ruin some middling to decent material by talking about it too much. But I feel I must explain here that this is meant to be funny, even if, had it potential to succeed that it now lacks through my saying so, and I am not wanting of ways to block stupid banner advertisements. If I couldn’t do that I would have dug a hole and lived in it ten years ago. This is not a desperate depressed cry for help. I could not GET help by doing that.

What brought this on: I started my a web-browser which happened to have an unfortunate part of my image-posting routine in it when I last closed it, and the ad-blocker did not load fully before the ads did, and so there was PREGOO right in front of me. Necessary to share with others in some manner but too stupid to speak about. Immediately the above illustrated situation struck me, and I refreshed the page about 20 times to see what else might come up that I could also include. And some in there are from YEARS ago. I would see those things inadvertently and save them for a reason that I did not yet have. THIS is not the stuff I am tormented by and hide from. This trash is so stupid that I enjoy how stupid it is. It is not likely to fully engulf the culture around me and ruin my life for a year. I can complain about this without being silently shunned by the small amount of supporters I have. I think. If it turns out I can’t, I am better off without those people, since pretending I didn’t care how stupid this was got me nowhere for eight years.
How can an energy drink be inherently “furry” without having fur in it? And how can music, for that matter? Without being full of animal noises? Which it wouldn’t be because the whole point of furries is that they take themselves seriously and magically disassociate themselves from the inherent absurdity of their preferred visual subject matter. These advertisements are aimed squarely at an extremely narrow range of people who are religiously devoted to the thought of talking cartoon animals and are looking to spend ludicrous sums of money just to buy products from other people that they believe reinforces their own outward appearance of being an enthusiast. “Gamers” have even stupider stuff targeted at them but for the time being I have no audience deep amitz them, and so I am spared awareness.

August 16, 2017
Using a special wax that was touched by Tommy when he was evil, Rita uses a magic Green Candle to slowly remove his powers, returning them to her.

I have a half-written articloid on the topic of the first frame, which pre-dated whatever instigated this petty comic strip, and perhaps you will see that later.

August 10, 2017
But why kick? With its captivating characters, sprightly songs and zap-happy animation, Oliver & Company adds up to a tip-top frolic.

Page 25 of this
After three irrelevant pages, why did I add another? I almost didn’t but I felt, since day 2 began like this, I would be skipping an opportunity for day 3, to do it in a manner, while still irrelevant, less frivolous ultimately. To prove that I COULD, perhaps. I resent when people refer to this as if it is totally random, dismissing it after reading one page completely out of context, like it is Peanuts or Garfield or [something considerably less lucrative], but pages like THAT one certainly do not help my case.

I should be drawing these with thicker lines. i do not have control over the thin lines and those scale down better.

July 26, 2017
There’s only one person who can tie up people with a rattlesnake: Texas Pete!

pitylance artist
This could be seen as hypocritical since I myself do not often retweet things, but I also do not encourage garbage endeavors unless I WOULD retweet them. I do not say things I do not mean unless backed into a corner, and I do not invite corners to tea. “Hey, this thing that didn’t work that I won’t even touch, you should keep doing that since it privately benefits me just a scrap.” I imagine the person or persons who instigated this comic strip have no idea that I interpreted their actions this way, but I get terrible/insulting advice from just about everybody, and I followed it for years and got nowhere. I am still nowhere but it is my own nowhere. And just since 2016 I have had four different people whose interests and goals are totally apart from my own use relationship talk toward me, up from none ever prior to then, so I must be doing somenothing right.
Anyway the point of the “snake” comics are always that the snake is a loser. Seeing it lose amuses me.

July 5, 2017
As a matter of fact, the shoe store’s owner, Zamiel Moloch happens to be a demon in disguise. He would eventually prevent Ernest’s sportsmanship with the basketball players by luring Ernest to arrogance.

page 24 of part three of whatever this is
shortly after I drew the scenes with kumquat’s komputers, it struck me how mundane and obviously based on contemporary computers they were, and I imagined I should have gone bigger and more old fashion,ed and stranger. but ten years on, and one more day on in the strip’s timeline, this computer now looks huge, bizarre and outdated.

June 15, 2017
it is a story about the Bobbsey family’s adventures trying to find the parents of a foundling baby. Since, by the 1960s, modern social services had rendered the original story utterly implausible, an entirely new novel was written about the twins’ adventures with a baseball-playing baby elephant

Page 23 of part 3 of this.
When I made page 22, I said I would try and reuse the backgrounds because they took so long to make. That really didn’t work! I can’t help but do everything weird every time so that it does not match anything from before. This kind of page takes so long that I forget what the actual story is. I will go back and populate more of those bottles and supply the tengu creature with legs and proper proportions relative to whatever doctrel gorp is in more frames if I feel suitably uninspired at a point in time when I have nothing better to do.

May 16, 2017
In spring we train real hawd, so we look good on our baseball cahds

page 22 of part 3 of whatever this is.
Not only does this page not accomplish anything, it was almost impossible to draw. And i worried with all the brown it would be very boring to look at, but I like how the colors worked out.
There are two more like this; maybe I will paste in the frames I just used and only change the relevant parts. It will still take a month and be a complete redraw but I will not have to worry about forgetting to include anything.

April 18, 2017
Maslin also found the film to lack in actual surfing content.[12]

page 21 of part 3 of this!
this page accomplishes one thing: it saves me from having to draw a character that looks like a cat in the future. my tolerance for cats has dwindled considerably since I first introduced this character without any attempt at “design” whatsoever.

The sequence that follows does not actually prove anything but i am amused by the script I wrote and the little previews I drew. it is all information that can be introduced later. And I tried to cram it into an absurdly high number of frames on one page, but hopefully restraint will win out and I will make two pages out of it, however little information is conveyed.

April 11, 2017
coming up the dancing dolls are bringing some smurf heat to the dance floor

page 20 of part 3 of this! Except it’s actually just part of page 19 again because I decided 19 was far too cramped, and there was one final frame I wanted to add in, which I was going to then have to put on the next page, which was already ludicrously cramped just in the layout stage, before I start adding in whatever has not even occurred to me yet. Notice how this still feels too cramped, and despite the copious amount of new drawing I have done, it still feels rushed and incomplete, if you want to thoroughly undermine my effort. It was terribly demoralizing to have fallen so far behind on redrawing old pages, so it seemed prudent to start redrawing new pages.

Also, I have been quite sick, my father has been in a hospital with an uncertain fate, and I have been futilely trying to get my service provider to fix my broken email but they inexplicably keep finding ways to prolong the “not reading what I say to them and repeatedly offering the same obvious and wrong solution” phase, while I am also sick and going to a horrible hospital that drains energy out of me that i don’t have because someone else is sicker than I am. I do not request or desire the sympathy of strangers, but I wanted to explain some of that somewhere, because I do not like submitting unsatisfactory work unless I also get to complain about it. However, this is a shorter negative portion than I usually accompany comic updates with, so I may be at last making real progress.

Nobody I know has a website anymore

Mr. Sr. Mxy
Gilhodes (bah you need a facebook account to see)
video game music database
pacific novelty
Green Lantern Head Trauma

them`s fightin` woids: December 17, 2017
Purplespace sez:
The elpse is very happy to be zapped!
December 15, 2017
Charmlatan sez:
The Super Mario Club will hear of this!
December 14, 2017
Frimpinheap sez:
The most recent new non-remake I have fiddled with was released sixteen years ago so there...
December 14, 2017
Indighost sez:
I never knew you were such a big Final Fantasy fan.
December 5, 2017
Charmlatan sez:
Golly, I didn’t want to think about that.
December 5, 2017
Frimpinheap sez:
None of them is wearing a bow tie so I doubt it.
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