February 27, 2017

(There is a brief looping SWF video here that you will not see if you are browsing on a telephone. I could make an animated gif out of it but if you saw it you might think I should not have bothered!)

Seeing my sister Salome more irrationally annoyed at the Hamilton guy than I am made my night. I had not intended to watch the Academy Award progam, and I certainly did not intend to mention Lindo McMirando again but there in the presence of the spectacle I was fascinated with it. I do not have the emotional investment in this sort of thing to complain about any other aspect of the program and nobody needs me to do that (I need me to do this).
She had to leave the room, HA HA HA HA I laughed like that for about 30 seconds. Like somebody from a comic strip or a video game.

One big slow HA after another. It looks fake to see written out but that is what happened.

It is not easy disliking so many, many things that are inescapably heralded. Having disliking company who are also not insane makes it more pleasant. I specify “not insane” because I have known some sorts whose discontent I related to up to a point, but then they let it run their lives. Although our current presidente empowers that sort of attitude, even though without existing money and influence you will never make the core contacts necessary to elevate yourself by acting like that, and will just bring pain to yourself and those around you. So then I start to think I must also be insane and that my own discontent is not valid. But it IS, sometimes, to a degree, and however unpleasant, I like it better than pretending to like stuff that I don’t. But I do not revel in it. I do not seek that which makes me miserable. It is highly adept at finding me, but this could be so much worse if I and it were both in on the scheme.

And so, this dorky little man alone on a stage rapping tough, it is hilarious how bothered we are. At least he shaved off that weird beard for the occasion. And he of the hyphenated first name was all over the broadbast despite only being nominuted for one award. The system wants him in it. I almost felt bad that he didn’t win the one award since I would have enjoyed the intensely negative reaction in here, and I worried I might have cursed him with my evil energy, like I did to Haley Joel Osment. Even though barring a Roberto Benigni-as-Pinocchio level overestimation of public adulation, he is probably going to be at every awfward show for the rest of my life. Unlike Bernigni he got scooped up by Disney, who will not tolerate challenges to their Real versions of folklore characters, and is only going to get harder to avoid. But this time, La Land La could not be overcome with regard to incessant mentions and camera time for participants, and its wretchtacular Best Picture win was what finally disgusted Sallius out of the room for good. Ha ha hee ho heh that is almost as funny, in retrospect.

Actually on that topic, recently the Disney company re-released Pinocchio and acted like that is a big deal for the 80th time, and the ad inexplicably has some ahhhhh oh oh oh song in it even though the actual film has its own songs which aren’t that. Any time there is song with a chorus saying “ahhhhhhh” or “na na na” or “oh oh oh” there is a good chance somebody will want it in a bad ad. Ads love songs with really breathy nonsense vocals

Also on that topic, but not on the topic I first alsoed on it:

I have seen news about this dork twice in my life and both times he had that same scumbag expression.
Our top story, some disembodied head guy that is probably horrid to talk to has made himself impossible to talk to
And a followup: apparently the company that owns everything was giving him money and only just realized he had that face. Gosh his middle name is “die.” Who assumed he wasn’t a corporate liability?

Who’s to blame when parties get out of hand? Who’s to blame when they get poorly planned?

6 Responses
  1. 1
    2:40 pm, February 28, 2017

    Indighost sez:

    Agreed on all counts. All these weird reports of weird jerk-faced people like “pewdiepie” or “milo yannopolous” who are “oh so cool” and then suddenly “oh so bad” and then there’s people who rage for years afterward about whether or not they were really cool or whatever, I can’t be bothered to even look up who they are.

    I really like your animation up above :)

    Also sir, I know this is not my blog, but I wanna say something as a non-artist who likes art of weird creatures, and who was really inspired by your stuff: After being scammed for commission money for the 3rd time, I decided to try actually drawing. And surprise, after about 5-6 total failures, I created a mostly-failure, and it’s starting to seem like drawing isn’t that hard to do after all, as long as you’re drawing what you want, and can accept that the normal result is most likely total failure.

  2. 2
    3:40 pm, February 28, 2017

    Frimpinheap sez:

    I have been posting stuff on the internet since 1999 and never got anywhere, so thankfully, or not, when people like that get famous, I never want to know what they are doing, so I lose nothing and owe them nothing when they screw up. I was really close (or I imagined) to somebody called Zartan, and you can find me mention him on this site plenty of times in the past, and it hurt me when this or that thing happened with regard to him that he may or may not have brought on himself. I don’t know that he was ever as well-known as I assumed he was back in 2001 or so, but I resented seeing his sort of considered material get eclipsed by noisy morons with cameras fixed on their faces.

    Did you report your scam incidents on the http://artists-beware.livejournal.com/ artists-beware livejournal account? It seems to be the main reason livejournal continues to exist. Also, if you bought through Paypal, it will often side with the buyer if the seller did not take adequate precautionary measures. Although some of these artists are scary enough that I would rather move on and forget about them. But I generally never forget.

    Although some people can pick up visual arts at a late age and take right to them, it seems likely to me that they had developed other skills which complemented that in advance. But I think any technical skill can be learned with practice. Even though I have been drawing for over twenty years and am only as good as this. You need to try, observe what you did wrong, and try to do it differently next time, gradually developing muscle memory along the way, so that you think about the technique less, and can focus on the subject matter. I know somebody who has done quite well in just about three years through drawing over (tracing, essentially) animation cels from popular films and television shows, just to develop the technique. And whatever I think of those shows or their visual components, I cannot deny the efficacy of that method in producing similar results.

  3. 3
    4:24 pm, February 28, 2017

    Indighost sez:

    Thanks for the thoughts. I will try to contribute to that “Artists Beware” site.

    Especially, thanks for the thoughts on drawing! The beauty and simplicity of yours, and yet their strongly emotional exuberance, has indeed been inspiring.

    And yes, drawing is an odd process. It truly does seem that making proper lines is the most important and skill-requiring part. I’ve done coloring, shading, perspective and lighting before, and I’m very confident about my landscapes and backgrounds — so I’m focused on lines. Particularly, drawing living creatures seems way hard, but doable with enough revisions and attempts.

    And yes, trial an error — in my case, noting a mistake of making an arm or eye that’s too big relative to other body parts, and trying again to make them more proportional — does seem a viable strategy. I also found that drawing lines more slowly was more successful than drawing them fast.

    I’ll keep in mind your advice about tracing animation cels, thank you! :)

  4. 4
    4:56 pm, February 28, 2017

    Frimpinheap sez:

    I recommend drawing over the work of others only as practice, and not the sole form of practice, but I have seen that it can work and I think people who condemn all tracing get too much credence for and cause too much fear with those words.

    Solid lines often elude me. In that animation up there, the outlines are inconsistent and partially absent or replaced by colors. I think outline advocacy is also somewhat oppressive and that they are not called for in all cases. Real things do not have outlines. I do not always see a way to describe objects with them. Like with anything else I regularly need to find my own way to do something, and I fall behind other people. But I do not believe it is wrong. Not that I have proof I have done anything right yet, but giving up on this to follow internet tutorials would probably kill all my drive, and I might as well get a job assembling Bilco rods.

  5. 5
    2:13 pm, March 2, 2017

    Indighost sez:

    Well noted, thank you for the thoughts!

  6. 6
    9:08 am, March 4, 2017

    Purplespace sez:

    That fish is so upset!

    Anyway, sounds like party gone out of bounds!

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