Posted by Dom Murphy
4 Dec 2003 14:16
An interesting idea...

"MePaper is specially designed for you from a photo that you send us. Maybe a photo of you or perhaps a photo of a friend. Use it as wrapping paper - or just put it on the wall."

Me Paper
Posted by Rajen Mistry
4 Dec 2003 14:05
Easy now, listen up, listen up - Ventrikal is an online internet radio station coming straight outta Manchester UK - check it out!
Posted by preshaa
4 Dec 2003 13:04
Fecal Face Upcoming Shows
Posted by Jason Arber
4 Dec 2003 11:34
Alien Sex! Bombs! Robots! Pathos!
Wired reports on the new Battlestar Galactica
Posted by Raoul Sanchez
4 Dec 2003 08:32
Bullet proof XBOX survives enraged room mate's gunfire. But don't try this at home kids!
Posted by Raoul Sanchez
4 Dec 2003 08:30
New rock band from Seattle: Undo
Posted by Raoul Sanchez
4 Dec 2003 08:27
GAM3 is the official Copenhagen Streetbasket Challenge
Posted by Raoul Sanchez
4 Dec 2003 08:25
A Christmas ball to crash
Posted by Raoul Sanchez
4 Dec 2003 08:23
Superb. My Little Eskimo
Posted by Raoul Sanchez
4 Dec 2003 08:21
"We include and recommend the most excellent website and digital designer throughout the world. We try to construct a paradise for web designers, which allow all the friends from all over the world who love web designing to share their happiness in designing and promote their inspiration and originality."
Posted by Kid Yam Lo
4 Dec 2003 02:28
Like Super Monkey Ball, but with no monkeys.
Posted by Oliver Shaw
3 Dec 2003 19:22

posted before but worth the re-link
Posted by El Mariachi
3 Dec 2003 18:24
If Michael Jackson did not have all his surgery over the years, this is how he might look at the age of 45.
Posted by preshaa
3 Dec 2003 17:58
Marion Peck Exhibition Catalog: Just in case any of you were wondering what to get me for Christmas.
Posted by Oliver Shaw
3 Dec 2003 17:58
"Here is an excellent example of the back button working in flash....

warning: maynot work on macs!"

hahaha, It didn't work to well on a PC either.
Posted by Kevin Airgid
3 Dec 2003 17:21
Here is an excellent example of the back button working in flash : take note all you flash-jedi-masters out there! we need bhe back button (warning: maynot work on macs!)
Posted by Mike Tunney
3 Dec 2003 16:08
restivity test, gravitational response tests, radiation tests, turing tests, solubility tests, rapid oxidation tests, and lastly maximum density test. no it's not rocket science...

it's the t.w.i.n.k.i.e.s. project!
Posted by Tom Muller
3 Dec 2003 13:58
Go to Google, type in "miserable failure" and press "I'm feeling lucky"!
Posted by Tom Muller
3 Dec 2003 12:53
Bill Gates vs. Steve Jobs
Posted by Jason Arber
3 Dec 2003 08:19
Geek Gift Guide 2003
Posted by Raoul Sanchez
3 Dec 2003 08:17
NewBlood is the brainchild of Chuck Anderson of NoPattern and Marcy Capron of MarcyMarcy and is the development of a publication focusing on artists ages 21 and younger, highlighting the creativity and talent of some of the younger designers and artists today. The first issue will be printed and is expected out around March 2004.
Posted by Raoul Sanchez
3 Dec 2003 08:11
Faux_Ami, which includes an interesting link to Things that make you go Boing!
Posted by Raoul Sanchez
3 Dec 2003 08:06
Posted by Raoul Sanchez
3 Dec 2003 07:58
Visual Fill Issue 5 'silhouettes and shadows' is up including artwork from: Pandarosa, Rogan Briggs, Jackie Pasternak, Marc Rust, Brett Price, Amanda More, Cassandra Roelands and Chris Wichterman
Posted by Reed
3 Dec 2003 02:48
Incredible! "Guy beats Mario 3 in 11 minutes" Video authenticity is defended here, emphasis on "game favorability" re those near-fatal collisions. Cupcake says, if you suddenly feel quite depressed watching someone else play video games... (thanks Fagfiction)
Posted by KeyMistress
3 Dec 2003 01:37
distillerypost, "good little site that feels creepy" says B
Posted by El Mariachi
3 Dec 2003 01:06
Exercise, tone your body, lose weight AND play your favourite Playstation games, all at the same time with the Reebok CyberRider – basically an exercise bike that plugs into your console, which you pedal to "drive" your vehicle in the game. Crazy, man...
Posted by Reed
3 Dec 2003 01:02
Yasuda Suzuhito. Cute character designs, inspired by (but not on par with) illustrator Renji Murata.

Reminds me also of Hyung Tae Kim, hooray. And hooray. (And hooray.)
Posted by Richard May
2 Dec 2003 23:53
Future Express. Be sure to let the intro movie load, and check out the graphics section. (Found by Joe).
Posted by Kevin Airgid
2 Dec 2003 20:52
canadian parents are waaaaaayyy cooler than american ones...
Posted by Richard May
2 Dec 2003 20:22
And Wear It With Pride gets yet another link, simply for taking the BEST EVER IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD photo of me and Arber. Bonus.
Posted by Richard May
2 Dec 2003 20:03
Philip K. Dick - The Official Site
Posted by Tom Muller
2 Dec 2003 19:18
We started DJ-ing a year ago...
Posted by Tom Muller
2 Dec 2003 19:10
WearItWithPride shines the spotlight on a new featured artist, and is giving away some prizes!
Posted by Tom Muller
2 Dec 2003 18:44
Precursor multi-disciplinary design of very, very high quality!
Posted by El Mariachi
2 Dec 2003 15:25
"There are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns -- the ones we don't know we don't know."
Posted by El Mariachi
2 Dec 2003 14:26
Maybe it's the jingle ("always cutting prices!"), or Linda's little "snip snip" gesture at the end, but there is definitely something about this campaign that seems to wind people up.
Contender for most irritating advert of the year award...
Posted by El Mariachi
2 Dec 2003 14:21
Get your copy of the next version of Windows (codenamed "Longhorn") now for only $2...
Posted by Mushon Zer-Aviv
2 Dec 2003 13:43
HTML Horizontal Scrolling is officially a trend.

Well, it's a horizontal trend - one that spreads through the years rather than stick for a specific period of time. Anyway (having tried this myself) after naming at least -1-, -2-, -3-, -4-, -5- sites worth talking about, I belive I can safely declare it as an official trend. Here is the latest.
Posted by TADO
2 Dec 2003 10:18
from the creators of french design collective KITCHEN comes super new online boutique WE LOVE COOKING! where you can buy super limited prints, tees, and handmade toys!! yey.
Posted by Raoul Sanchez
2 Dec 2003 08:13
Underdeveloped art+design from Guayaquil, Ecuador. Founders of TOMAL┴! Magazine.
Posted by Raoul Sanchez
2 Dec 2003 08:08
Brand new Shisso
Posted by Raoul Sanchez
2 Dec 2003 08:01
Office Party Scandal Predictor
Posted by Raoul Sanchez
2 Dec 2003 07:59
Liam Wolf's Dirty Artwork
Posted by Raoul Sanchez
2 Dec 2003 07:56
Made in Strator a portal for people who like vector artwork (in French)
Posted by Raoul Sanchez
2 Dec 2003 07:53
Nervousroom and Charity Match 03/04
As of the end of 2002, an estimated 42 million people worldwide - 38.6 million adults and 3.2 million children younger than 15 years - were living with HIV/AIDS (...)

These awful facts are the reason, why nervousroom teamed up with to bring you yet another T-Shirt contest. But this time it's all for charity and the winning amount of the t-shirt sales will be spent for a good purpose to fight this evil disease.
Posted by Raoul Sanchez
2 Dec 2003 07:35
Exciting new stuff in the Honest portfolio
Posted by Raoul Sanchez
2 Dec 2003 07:33
A new look for BLK/MRKT
Posted by Reed
2 Dec 2003 07:10
aseyn is back and a lil' bit updated
Posted by Reed
2 Dec 2003 06:53
maow =˘.˘= / stenkat / graphic designer
Posted by Reed
2 Dec 2003 04:58
Hell yes. Production I.G. and director Imaishi Hiroyuki (FLCL) reteam for all new animation, airing January 2004.
>> Dead Leaves - view trailer (quicktime)
Posted by Reed
2 Dec 2003 04:28
"This is... jesus, I have no fucking clue. You appear to be playing God with a HARDKORE raver." Thank you, CCN!
Posted by Jason Arber
2 Dec 2003 00:17
PHOTOS FROM THE GUITAR VADER/MIKA BOMB PARTY! (Heavy download but worth it!)
Posted by preshaa
1 Dec 2003 22:21
Beep Beep
Posted by preshaa
1 Dec 2003 22:17
Atomic Blast Photos: The first split seconds of a nuclear explosion. Harold Edgerton's incredible photos found by Narg.
Posted by preshaa
1 Dec 2003 22:10
Psyop: A new site for the video-baiting visual matadors.

Akryls: A short CG film journeying from the very small to the terribly large.

Dave Quiggle: Some lovely work unfortuntely marred by mini-miniscule-me examples. Still well worth a look, however.
Posted by preshaa
1 Dec 2003 21:59
Belle de Jour: Is she? Isn't she? Authenticity aside still one of the best written, most entertaining blogs around.
Posted by Richard May
1 Dec 2003 20:30
Say 'Halo' to the Peugeot Hoggar
Posted by One Eye Black
1 Dec 2003 19:42
Kurt Trampedach
brilliant artwork by a brilliant danish artist
Posted by Kevin Airgid
1 Dec 2003 18:28
excellent use of video in flash
Posted by Steven Bennett-Day
1 Dec 2003 17:19
SubEthaEdit - a full on text editor for developers and everyone else that lets two or more people edit the same document together in realtime - if your on a mac that is
Posted by Sam Gilbey
1 Dec 2003 16:38
Independents day is a 'worldwide project celebrating independent content and design on the web', and they're looking for YOUR contribution to International Human Rights Day on 10th December 2003.

Human rights for all is about 'meshing words and images from the independent community to commemorate International Human Rights Day'.

So get meshing those words and images today- you'll find the template here.
Posted by Tom Muller
1 Dec 2003 16:37
its the MullerMug!

Posted by Raoul Sanchez
1 Dec 2003 11:05
Our very own Richard May gets interviewed by Apple
Posted by Jason Arber
1 Dec 2003 11:02

Get your Monday Morning Update® right here folks! In our Reviews section Wendy checks out the new chill out release from Dr Rubberfunk, describing it as the "freshest album of the year" and also gives us the lowdown on Zoot Woman's second, and self titled, album on Wall of Sound. Zoot Woman, of course, is the side project of Jacques Lu Cont (AKA Stuart Price), perhaps better known for his Les Rythmes Digitales pseudonym.

With a deft flick of musical genres, Todd brings us a review of The Strokes' follow-up to "Is This It" called "Room on Fire". Will the saviours of rock give us another slice of more of the same, or will they branch off in new and exciting directions... read the review to find out.

On the movie front, we munched popcorn through Peter Weir's amazing new flick Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, a nautical action movie set during the Napoleonic wars and starring everyone's favourite gladiator, Russell Crowe.

We also bring you two new interviews: Todd checks in with Def Jux signing C Rayz Walz from the Bronx. With sharp rhymes replacing a life of crime, Walz is the real deal. Interesting reading.

We also bring you an interview with designers and illustrator Steve Harrington who screenprints his work onto thrift store ephemera and has created a unique body of work.

Also stay tuned, because later today we'll be hoping to flip the switch on our pictorial record of last Thursday's East meets West party featuring Guitar Vader from Japan and Mike Bomb. Don't touch that dial!

Posted by Sam Gilbey
1 Dec 2003 10:43
SUPERB! You can now listen to the actual Kid Koala gig that I reviewed last week. Just go the latest programme link to stream it. Part of the success of the spectacle was seeing the way he moved around the stage, but either way this is ESSENTIAL listening. (Starts with an interview for 12 or so minutes, but stick with it). Awesome.

And while you're listening, who not take a look at the pics I took while I was there, and see if you can tell which bit they're from...
Posted by Raoul Sanchez
1 Dec 2003 10:29
Pitman ("This site requires flash player which you can get here or you can fuck off")... a website with an attitude and a gob on it.
Posted by Raoul Sanchez
1 Dec 2003 10:00
Not entirely sure what I was expecting from a website called dicksdaily... but thankfully this wasn't it...
Posted by Raoul Sanchez
1 Dec 2003 09:57
XM2 about as pretty and sexy as Flash can get!
Posted by Kid Yam Lo
1 Dec 2003 09:57
Find the man's head. Piece o' cake!
Posted by Raoul Sanchez
1 Dec 2003 09:55
dani-el "I'm puttin' up a new site in a couple of weeks so I figured people may want to check out my old one before it's gone and forgotten... shit, I had almost forgotten about it."
Posted by Raoul Sanchez
1 Dec 2003 09:52
Comme Ca Art Artwork in the City
Posted by Raoul Sanchez
1 Dec 2003 09:49
NaDa does nothing for everybody. And it's free.
Posted by Jason Arber
1 Dec 2003 09:46
Retooling Slashdot with Web Standards
Posted by Jason Arber
1 Dec 2003 09:46
Political Correctness gone mad.
Posted by Kid Yam Lo
30 Nov 2003 21:37
God drops sword from great height, making Jesus cross. (It was the only thing I could think up at short notice, sorry).
Posted by Mushon Zer-Aviv
30 Nov 2003 15:09
pling> -- < shlik-shlik } twik - pawououo - snik snik twik ;;;; woooowhish } shlack shlack} bowwwwwwoowooooww {start}
Posted by Mushon Zer-Aviv
30 Nov 2003 14:11
Only 21? How dare he?

( so good)
Posted by Richard May
30 Nov 2003 02:03
What the war does to us. "In all the argument surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, we've rarely heard the voices of the conscripts, many of them teenagers, who make up the occupying army. Linda Grant spends five days with an IDF paratroop company, hearing their defiance and their misgivings."

"We shook hands on the windy street. He looked so young, years younger than when I'd seen him in uniform, and I wished I could make myself a human shield against all the hate and demonisation he would encounter from those for whom life is a collection of symbols and slogans which stamp themselves on the faces of others, obscuring their features, like a helmet."
Posted by Alfie Dennen
29 Nov 2003 13:54
Excellent short article into the wired world of our gadgets.

by Sonia Zjawinski

Gadget world
Posted by Alfie Dennen
29 Nov 2003 13:31
Bad art day? Feel like a grand master by creating Picasso like works.

Picasso head
Posted by KeyMistress
29 Nov 2003 07:38
now you can blog with your voice! check out audblog
Posted by Lonely Machine
28 Nov 2003 17:57
Texas Department of Criminal Justice Final Meal Requests*
*Please note: The final meal requested may not reflect the actual final meal served.
Posted by Alfie Dennen
28 Nov 2003 17:47
Build your own paper model Nintendo Characters. Aceness itself.

Posted by Tom Muller
28 Nov 2003 16:17
Interior Architecture in a slick package: BATAILLE-iBENS.
Designed by Stoav
Posted by Richard May
28 Nov 2003 16:06
How do I print my Zutiste?
Posted by Andy Beaumont
28 Nov 2003 15:58
First pics from last night's Pixelsurgeon / Guitar Vader / Mika Bomb party here.
Congratulations to everyone involved for a great night.

And while I'm here, congratulations to us for the 2 BIMA awards we won last night for Spooks and Coca Cola.
Posted by Mushon Zer-Aviv
28 Nov 2003 15:12
Wish I could say I partied all night and I can't link anything 'couse I suffer from a wicked hang-over, but for now...

Here is Eric Lerner's portfolio.
I'll go get myself a beer. Next party, in Tel-Aviv, see you all there..
Posted by Alfie Dennen
28 Nov 2003 14:19
If you havnt seen this classic song in homage to HG Wells, have a gander at the lovely flash :

HG Wells Homage
Posted by Alfie Dennen
28 Nov 2003 14:11
Quick!!! Get happy or die early!!

be happy!
Posted by Alfie Dennen
28 Nov 2003 14:07
I found this site ages ago when looking for the excellent "Superstar the Karen Carpenter Story" By Todd Haynes. Its almost completely unavailable anywhere, but along with other video oddities, illegal art has a great mpeg version..

"The Illegal Art Exhibit will celebrate what is rapidly becoming the "degenerate art" of a corporate age: art and ideas on the legal fringes of intellectual property. Some of the pieces in the show have eluded lawyers; others have had to appear in court"

Posted by Mushon Zer-Aviv
28 Nov 2003 13:21
Forum for Internet Technologies in Contemporary Art
(Java=Joint Advanced Virtual Affairs)

For February/March 2004, a feature exhibition will be prepared unter the working title, "Netart from Asian -Pacific area", in order to pay more attention to
this globally emerging cultural region, which is related to netart widely unknow in the Western countries.
Posted by Jason Arber
28 Nov 2003 11:47

MANY THANKS to the HUNDREDS of people who came to our East Meets West party featuring Guitar Vader and Mika Bomb, and managed to absolutely ram the Water Rats in Kings Cross. The bands were great and we all had a fucking brilliant time! Many thanks to DJ Kyukyusha, Organic Audio, Mika Bomb and especially Guitar Vader who flew all the way from Tokyo to do this! We love you all!

Apologies for the minimal news posting today as we nurse hangovers and try and stop our ears from ringing. Normal service will be resumed over the weekend. Pictures of the event will be posted as soon as we can! :D

Posted by Colin Bennett
28 Nov 2003 09:01
BD4D/LongLunch Edinburgh - Tonight!
Sean Perkins (North Design). See you there...
Posted by Mink Engine
28 Nov 2003 07:01
BAN COMIC SANS is gospel!
Posted by Alfie Dennen
27 Nov 2003 20:16
An in depth history of Cooper Black in flash

history of cooper black
Posted by Alfie Dennen
27 Nov 2003 20:11
Tired of your staff? Feel like a monkey could do their work? Then look no further :

"..As you explore this website, you will get an understanding and appreciation of the economics of primate programming. A skilled primate from our firm can handle code maintenance and report writing for as little as 45 cents per hour. The entire staff receives ongoing .NET training and JSP training in addition to training in XML, Java and related technologies. .."

unalduterated genius
Posted by Alfie Dennen
27 Nov 2003 20:09
Pfffft - brain transplantation now offered on the world wide interwebby, what can I say, genius hoax?

Posted by Alfie Dennen
27 Nov 2003 20:07
how lovely! Dont let the sitename fool you, lovely character drawings and flash. (found by dutchbird via

Posted by Alfie Dennen
27 Nov 2003 20:03
A multimedia agency based in Barcelona, nice flash intro - strangely it moved perfectly in time

to the music Im listening to right now

cat empire