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Posted byZartan
Posted on02/07/03 10:39 AM

> So do you just have those links ready to go at any time, or do you come up with
> them as you go along? Do you have a giant word database with suitable links for
> all of them?

Look, lady, my link-fu is the greatest. Imagine what I could do if I wasn't fucking hobbled with a dial-up connection.

> One time, I put a file that indicated it was the dungeon game into a
> kazaa shared folder, and within minutes, two people were trying to download it.
> The unspoken, shameful desire for all things Moraff is scary. Also scary is the
> overall percentage of the posts I've made here which mention Moraff. It wasn't
> even relevant, and yet here is another post devoted to it. Someone should steal
> my computer.

That's nothing. Every fucking time Zeroes Unlimited has changed addresses - and then some - I will like clockwork get the following e-mail or something like it:

Hi. I got a 404 error when I tried to click on the link for cheats. Could you please fix it or send me some cheats for dungeons of the unforgiven or morraf's world?

And the past few times, it's been from the same guy - now that I think about it, probably the same guy who posted a similar message here a few months back and was met with a roar of indifference as we carried on merrily talking about our Sodomy-Bots or whatever the hell.

For shame, Roneldo, teasing them like that.