The Appalling Cathedral of Splendiferousness


It's spinning!  WOW! This one is too!  WOW! They're ALL spinning!  WOW!

You have accidently stumbled onto an incomplete, ugly, worthless excuse for a "web page." There isn't very much here yet, but hopefully (for me, anyway) it will expand soon. Oh, yes. Disacknowledge that ominous XOOM frame. I didn't put it there. I preferred the non-moving Angelfire advertisement, but whenever I upload this to Angelfire, the graphics don't work, as well as the backround AND the animated GIFs being replaced by obnoxious spinning XOOM logos.

Oooh.  Pretty.

For optimal (possibly) viewing, download these FONTS!

It's the MS-DOS FONT!  It's actually an ''Olde English'' FONT.


There are only three areas available at the moment. The first one isn't complete yet. I will have more areas soon. How soon? As soon as I make them!
PEEP! <(ˆ -ˆ)>


Mmmm... Midi. Yum.

Chatting is FUN

That's not blood, it's hair.
I hate those stupid ‘‘under construction’’ messages. I don't mind this one because it never loads before people decide to leave, thus ensuring that no one will ever see it.

Get off of my mailbox, you pileous sugarmonger!

Chesterfield wants you to send me some Electronic Mail. Don't disappoint this happy creature. Also, the mail won't get to me unless you remove the word ‘‘Pog’’ from the address area of your mail thingie. I noticed a direct connection between the amount of harrassment mail that I recieve and the address that mail is sent to.

10-11-2017 histsnorical note: originally above here there was an animated gif of a creepy pre-nemitz beast (the same one shown being whipped above that) perched on a large blue postal drop-off box, which has been lost since probably before you were born, because apparently even by the next year I was very embarrassed by it, and consider what I wasn't embarrassed enough to delete.

Click one of these! NOW!

Spam goes well with cheese.    I command you to click!

The counter says, ''AH ah ah.'' No, wait.  That's what the Count says.
Counters are stupid.

If you like what you see so far,(let's be honest. Not even I like it so far) then please come back
in a week, or month, or year... I'll most likely have more new nonsense for you to peruse.

This piece of garbage was created by Roneldo on 8/9/99, and last modified on 8/22/99. As if you gave a modicum.
It's most likely © 1999 Hilary Branske, since I stole
all of the HTML code from her site. Please pay her a visit! øýñćĀāĂ㥹ąĆćĈĉĊċČčĎďĐđĒēĔĕĖėĘ