This here's me whatnot! You may take it as a guide of what not to put on the internet. Ha haaaaaa ears.

The first first beet of the year
A cartoon, sort of. Not the earth-shaking phenomenom those in my close confidence never said it was but that I inferred they implied, but I didn't finish it, either. Maybe I will, though.

too many pictures
A creature called Robocoon once reminded me of ice cream, and here is seen to melt in a manner befitting this. Over and over again, forever. And that is all. I have not seen this creature in a year or so. I can't think why.

far too many pictures
The Adventures of Space Sandwich
Well, it's certainly shorter than the next one.
02/16/05 and hey that's a long time to not add anything to this page!

Jope and less dopes than might be expected
A cartoon made while I was learning to use Flash, which I wanted to use to make a cartoon with. This covers the first chapter of a nonsensical story I wrote and then cuts off abruptly rendering the nonsense yet less sense-filled than it would be in its complete form. It is utterly inexcusable in many ways. Try and find them all!

too many pictures
Awards this website hasn't won
I swear I did not win them! (apart from some misguided gifs I downloaded from other people's websites this is not animated and neither is the stuff after it. Whoopth.)

Pictures at an unattended exhibition
Here's a strange and embarrassing thing at the site of a deservedly forgotten strange and embarassing website other than this one. Perhaps not as embarrassing on the whole as the unmentionable immediately below, but that would only be because it doesn't last as long. If you can't find something to hate me for in here give me a holler. Do you hate me for saying "give me a holler?"
9/17/04 to my knowledge, no one has ever finished this.
A wholly needless, I know, link to the second part.
The Annotated Umiliphus.
FOR THE SAKE OF COMPLETION. Find out what evil you can accomplish when no one likes you enough to try and stop you! Even if you come to a point where you think you're starting to like it, before the end it will strike you down if you insist on reading the accompanying text I wish I hadn't insisted on writing.