The Un-Expurgated Poetry of Heffety Morion

Hi lo there! I am Heffety! These are my poems! I made them back in middle school and I am nice so I will share them with you! Kay?

Mrs. Demeglio is a Teacher

Mrs. Demeglio is a teacher
One day she met a preacher
They went to the park
They heard a dog bark
And it was quite to be feature. THE END BY HEFFETY!

Mr. D is a Man

Mr. D is a man
He wanted 5 cents for a can
He went to the park
He heard a dog bark
And then he went back to his van. THE END BY HEFFETY!

My Mom Has a Car

My mom has a car
It did take her far
She drove to the park
She heard a dog bark
And she ate a great big candy bar. THE END BY HEFFETY!

The Backstreet Boys Rule

The Backstreet Boys rule
I do think they are cool
I go to the park
And I hear a dog bark
Then we both drool. THE END BY HEFFETY!

I Like to Watch TV

I like to watch TV
It makes me happy
I watch that show about the park
Where you hear the dog bark
Then I gotta take a pee. THE END BY HEFFETY!

When I Eat People Call Me a Hog

When I eat people call me a hog
I lie around all day like a log
I went to the park
I heard a dog bark
And then then I ate the dog. THE END BY HEFFETY!

Somehow, I don't think that arrow hurts as much as it looks like it does.
10/12/99, Yes, it IS based on a true story.