Attention-starved guestbook thingie, yearning to be loved.

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Hey, remember guestbooks? Those relics of the late 1990s, a time before every website which had one had either stopped being updated or converted to a format in which you could place situation specific comments. Bimshwel hasn't done either of those things. Oh, it's tried.

It's a simple matter to create the illusion of popularity by signing my own guestbook with different names at regular intervals in the event that no one else does. And don't think I won't, either. I will, but I'd rather not. So sign it. You don't need to be nice. You don't need to be relevant. You don't even need to be you. I will fully understand any and all reasons for signing this anonymously or as someone else. I don't think I have to list them here. They're already listed on the main page.