"You'll never have to wash your underwear again."



There are so many things I'd like to say now, but I can't, oh god, I can't wait until I'm 18.. Wait...how old do I have to be to speak my opinion?  Man, this world is filled with a bunch of worthless, hypocritical idiots.  Speaking of which, my new email address is [email protected],at least until MY EMAIL STARTS WORKING LIKE IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE WORKING - THAT IS WHY I HAVE THIS STUPID ISP.   Thank god I'm not paying for it.

And..I'm still going to mirror at www.freespeech.org/Spam,just not yet.   You know.  Lazy.


Download a game I made a year ago. It's a game based on the show Late Night with Conan O'Brien, and you get to shoot Kathie Lee Gifford. Yay. Very fun and time wasting.
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This week's Person of the Week is:

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Take That, Bush, You Rotten Conservative!
I spend 8 hours downloading a $400 graphics program, and this is what I do..

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Once upon a time there was an old woman who said, "Click on the advertisement!" so then she realized that she was speaking to herself again, so she clicked on the advertisement herself.  After clicking, a big axe came flying out of her printer and knocked her head right off of her frail, little body.  There was something else...Oh yeah.  Out of her neck, Fabio crawled, completely clothed, and screamed, "I CANT BELIEVE ITS NOT URINE!" and detached one of his nipples and poured coffee out of his gigantic man-boobie.

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