Some of these will probably be too big vertically to fit on your screen. Mine also. Ha ha, us.

It is a shame about the ladder.
To save time, I shall refer to this nameless dope as "dope." According to legend, dope is an artificial lifeform created by someone with too much free time, but not enough to have accomplished anything. 12-13-03

but what to have for dessert?
Hey, I asked for cement. Don't you tell me this isn't mayonnaise! 12-12-03

Not enough swing-sets are in-doors. 12-10-03

Don't spoil your appetite! 12-09-03

Always read the fine print. 12-08-03

I get hungry a lot. At least once per day. Sometimes even more often. That is when pictures like this one get made. 12-08-03

If you are using internet explorer, have the text size set to "normal," a screen resolution of 1024x768 and currently have this window maximized, then that 03 above should be on a line by itself. That looks really stupid.

If you've wondered how I decide which scan things get colored, I hope that you have arrived at some sort of conclusion, because after seeing this I would really like to know 09-09-03

I thought the government banned the sale of those. 8-24-03

I hope we've all learned a valuable lesson today. 8-20-03

If I had to eat a sword, I would want it to be that kind. 7-10-03

When I made the paper version, I had not intended for the victim to be that blue dope from the other pictures. That was a fortunate coincidence. 6-21-03

This is only here because Matt (from some other page) liked this one (before I colored it, obviously). You owe me a very trivial favor, Matt! He'll never see this. 6/17/03

See how nice they used to look before I started coloring them
Or don't.