Usually I only write things that I think will be amusing to someone. And then I upload them anyway. This, however, I knew far in advance did not belong here, but where else can I put it?

I don't expect you to care, but I certainly don't mind if you do.

Likely my best known "work" was created during a lapse of judgement in July of 2001. I had found a link to something described as being a daily comic strip featuring sprites taken from Megaman games. It was the first I'd heard of such a thing, and thought it sounded stupid enough in the funny aspect of the word that I should look at it. I found the archived editions quite amusing, and decided to come back and continue following it. But one day something terrible happened. I'm not sure why, but the author, Dave Anez, began accepting fan-made comic submissions, and would upload and display them on his website for all willing to see. And they kept coming. And coming. More and more. They still haven't stopped. Altough Anez no longer hosts them all, if you dare click the link marked forum, and it's not down for any reason, you'll see there's an entire section which invites people to link to their own derivation. As it turns out, pretty much the only skills necessary to create a sprite comic fall under the category "basic motor." If you can turn on a computer and get here and read this, then you can make Megaman and Friends stand around staring at each other whilst referencing Star Trek. It's all about references. But I was just as naive and foolish as anyone else once (if I'm putting it here, I still am), and very soon had my own. That's correct, the reason I complain about them so much is because I used to make them. Although it was shortlived and terribly hackneyed, even by my standards, and seemed to be enjoyed primarily by humorless twits whom I wished nothing to do with, there were a few non-idiots who admitted to liking it, so I might have done something right. This longwindedly overcommented tell-most exposee attempts to find out what. Please feel free to not read the comments. In the event that they don't annoy you, they'll at least bore you. It's just like that "DVD commentary" the kids seem to like so much these days, except, you know, relevant most of the time. Almost balancing out the issue that you can't turn it off, no matter how you try.

Following that, also is a page where I direct undirected, unwarranted criticism at people who committed very much the same atrocities I did, those being the creation of sprite comics. I'm one of the most devoted hypocrites you'll ever meet the exaggerated internet non-personality of.



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