We're getting towards the end, now. Just as before, there's plenty unresolved, but if that concerns you at all, your life has no meaning.

You know what? I'm through degrading these comics. From now on, I'm just going to insult whoever's looking at them. You whore.

Another Deccus reference, "Manual" was the "evil" version of the green robot in the comic directly before this one (manual having an opposite meaning to auto, or something). That wasn't enough for me, apparently. Through a magical process I call "changing one letter," I created the perfect opportunity to bring in a confusion of Hispanic stereotype.

The obligatory Wechsler Block Design Test joke.

If you had problems like I did, you probably had to do a lot of those over the years. Since most people have different problems than I do, more alienating.

Another comment, "Randall" here is actually taken from a video game which I was not aware existed until shortly before I had a reason to take sprites out of it. How about that.

Naturally, everyone who's been waiting for a "Megaman hugging Crash Man" sprite is free to plunder this one.

*Somebody* has to do it.

Another thing that's bothered me as long as I've known about it, when comic strips take a "day off" to show the entire acknowledged cast wishing me a Happy Thanksgiving or something equally non-entertaining like that. Death by dreidel, surprisingly absent from all the South Park episode guides that shew up while I was trying to find any documented cases of such a thing happening, was they only way I'd go along with it.

This last group was never actually posted by Anez, even though I very did send it, around February 2003. I never knew if this was due to the sporadic server related problems which at the time prevented me from seeing the website or the fact that these comics were, what's the word, how do you say, uhhh... lame. However, if they didn't go up, that was to be my indication to never make Megaman comics again. So...

Dr. Light strikes me as the sort of person who gets lots of visitors like this

The biggest rehash is yet to come.

IT IS BACKWARDS!  THE ONE IN THE COMIC IS BACKWARDS!  HORROR!To be quite honest, I never liked "let's go get some beer and/or ice cream" angles so common throughout the Bob and George continuity-like-thing, so... I don't like this one.

I originally intended to use the Ramnesis Blimp-holding-lemon-slice thingie, and in fact that would kind of had made sense since it appeared under similar circumstances, but I realized people would probably think Ramnesis had annoyed me in some way, so I didn't.

But since I've now gone and explained it, and I have full control over everything, I should just show that version, shouldn't I. Yes, I will. And now I look like an idiot for still having these afterthoughts here which refer to the one I'm not showing anymore.

But wait, since this isn't on bobandgeorge.com, possibly you don't even know what Ramnesis is. But if you aren't interested in that sort of thing, how did you ever get through the other nine pages of this? Oikes, you see why I stopped?!

I couldn't remember that font was called mead bold and had to go back and re-do the words once I did. I have too many fonts.

I figured I'd estranged enough people (or would have) by this point that now I could do whatever I wanted. But why did I want this?

One good T deserves another.

It was worth everything to finish this one. Or not.

Perhaps its occured to you that even if a bit small, the T set I used before at least didn't look like a deformed dwarf. However, perhaps it has not occured to you that Megaman is also a deformed dwarf, and this is the only way to have the proportions correct. Even if I just said that three pages ago. No no, it's not your fault. I placed a curse on you so you'd forget. It's for your own good that you not remember any of this later. Be glad the spell is working. You'd thank me later, if you remembered. Come to think of it, if you remembered, you wouldn't thank me, because that would mean I had failed. The most you might do is praise my effort.

How obvious is it that I made this sometime after swearing off ever doing it again? More specifically, last week. that being the week before I uploaded this page the first time, rather than the week before now. So I don't have any excuse like "I was rushing" or "I was tired."

Whatever. Anything to get it over with.

Although most I've seen haven't had disproportionately huge pink phallicites protruding from them, I still hate otters more than koalas. Because "most" implies that a few of them have. Another thing I hate, the game I took these graphics out of. Hey Enix, stick to... what is it Enix does well again?

And... that's it. This is really the end this time. I had "planned" no further than this, and have no reason to make new ones. So.

Alright, maybe not.

I made these in October, 2002, and looked for a good place to put them in. I didn't find one.

I was surprised when I read the story to Altered Beast in a fack someone wrote. Surprised that it had one. Story or fack, really.

I had no idea where to go with this, I only knew that instead of the god-like-person Athena, the one being rescued would turn out to be Athena from the game Athena. Because I'm a moron.

Would graphics from the arcade version of Altered Beast have looked better? Yes, they would have. Very much so. So there's your answer.

I think this one was trying to make a point, but I forgot what it was.

And... that's all for now. Hopefully for ever. The problem is, I've realized, if someone tells me to keep going (like as a joke), eventually I will continue to go. If someone tells me to stop going, I'll have to spite the person who tried to discourage me by continuing to go, won't I.

The secret to success is setting more easily achievable goals


That's not a real beard, either


That computer sure uses some big disks

Maybe I'll make one of these next year, too.

I can't even look at this now.

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