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Questionable artwork and pedantic miscellany
September 27, 2016
The Clumsys may not be coordinated, but they’re determined to have family bonding time in this Hidden Object voyage.

It is fine to experiment with ideas whose relatability or comprendability are uncertain, but do not commit to laborious coloring methods for them. I just got through saying not to tighten the humor out of the artwork, and then went and did something that is almost as bad.

September 2, 2016
His catch phrase in the ads was “Snap into a Slim Jim, oooooh yeah!”, which later became an internet meme, popularized by many gamers on YouTube

page 17, part 3 of that. I like the newer page-display system better now than I did when I first made and didn’t use it, and am more comfortable linking to pages on it now, but am not yet certain what I should replace the “that” page with.
This is another “experiment” in layouts that anyone else would have assumed was already long since proven. It still feels like cheating, to me. Even though it was just as much effort to complete as usual, and there was not a way of shoving in the next four frames that was pleasing to me, pacing-wise.

Obviously! Turn that thing off!

I tried to use more “light” darkness, but it just looked like the creatures were watching television, and I had just established that elpse was opposed to watching my implied “not earth” television stand-in. If I merge the darkest colors into one it does indeed look like a darkened room, right down to facial features not being at all visible in it, and those are crucial for facial expressions to be evident.

August 26, 2016
You made a clown outta me, and a bad cop

Comic prologue sketches that I planned out in April 2015 and then was prevented from working on further due to [factors]. This is not complete, but the next “new” page in the amateurlog alludes to one aspect of it so I think it important to show. There is another portion with lope that I wrote out but did not yet draw anything for, and from the look of things I did not deduce how this transitions into the first kumquat scene, which starts with a view of space. My “plan” was to append this section, when completed, at the front of the comic book combining both of the first parts, even though I have not exactly established “demand” for more comic books except possibly with the very few people who already bought a book whose entire contents would be reprinted therein.
However It seems right now that whatever manner in which I throw to the current first page will imply that kumquat is on a different planet from what I have just shown which is not the case. Even if show a scene ON another planet as an excuse to cut back to this one, there is no excusing such a drawn out sequence to return to a place we were just at, except as a joke, but it is not the joke I set up. Although the “joke” I DID set up regularly confuses people, so I might do best to produce an alternate “first” page entirely.
Keeping it will necessitate an explanation for something that was only there because I thought it would be funny unexplained, and that can only function in such a way at the very beginning. There are so many bad web-comics that try to look like they’re loaded with depth by starting with a show of space and dopey narration about goddesses or whatnot. I do not necessarily like a dumb old jewelry store as the very first page either, but nothing at present is holding me to that. Except for me spending several days last week specifically drawing and detailing that so it would not just look like I dumped a bunch of hopeless sketches here.
I am also uncertain how jarring or obvious the shift in layout from 3 to 4 rowas will be, and so I might distract from that by having a totally inexplicable shot of space occur at the same time.

I suppose I can change it into a “museum of obscene opulence” to give a slightly higher quantity of gravitas to the opening scene. Although I might recycle the space introduction despite its alienating effect and have a pre-prologue kumquat scene, in which event my concern about the dumb jewelry store will be less troubling. But then I will need to devise a new exterior of kumquat kompound scene and I hate drawing that thing. And there are only so many ways I can since I need to conceal that all the houses are connected until the page where the lizard drives away from them. I do a very good job making more jobs for myself.

August 3, 2016
already there are queers and poodles in the area

page 16 of part 3 of this.
wordy! But then something will [almost] happen on the next one.
this proves I can make a page in one week. It does not prove that i should.
It may be worth shuffling the bubble-detector side non-plot. I planned it to match a specific range of events but as usual I underestimated the space I needed for what I planned, and added extra junk that I did not plan.

July 27, 2016
Rescue the kidnapped girlfriend from Dino-Mike by completing boards based on the themes of Land, Water and Air

page 15 of part 3 of that old thing. Cramped again, but since I did not hold myself to an ink drawing before I figured out the dialog, it is cramped in a less dysfunctional manner. In fact there were 3 extra frames that I sent to the next page to free up space on this one, which would have been great had I not then I drawn three new frames to go between the ones that were left.

I am concerned that this flashback is more interesting and less restricted than the “main” “”story,”” with all its vague bullet points in the future and the past, whose integrity must be maintained through excessive dialog to remind everyone that I remember everything. But that is perhaps the real heart of elpse’s urgency: get out of boring buildings and go somewhere, to stop talking and start solving things. Although if that were true, why would it spend three pages introducing new matters to solve?

July 11, 2016
I’ll have you know I am not one of those hibbity jibbities you can take liberties with

page 14 of part 3 of this

The primary trouble here is that I never fully determined what the space orb actually looks like close up. When making this page, I tried a number of different ways once I got to the frame with the door, hoping to come up with something better and retroactively apply it to the similar frame from the previous page, and none were good when it came to trying to add a technically feasible or aesthetically functional door. I had the same problem with the awkward stair substitute on page 6. I just plain don’t know enough about real things to design good fake ones. I once knew somebody who never practiced at art, but was obsessed with military technology (and military life in general, after he was kicked out and dumped into a civilian life he no longer understood after being too injured by the thing he did understand) and consequently was good at designing and depicting non-existent mechanical things. Of course being obsessed with military anything is going to be bad news in some way but it turned out to be a more functional bad news than the ones I contributed.

In case you could not tell, and you probably couldn’t, I had reverted to using ink on page 12. Midway through page 13, however, my old inkwell pen, the one I could locate of the two I own, stopped dispensing ink properly (and “properly” was rather erratic) and I had to switch to one of my disposable pens, whose stock I have not replenished or even assured was present in more than five years. Disposable pens create a more consistent, and predicable result, but also one that is considerably less striking. But ultimuttley it is irrelevant, as i have re-reached the re-realization that while I appreciate the look of well-applied ink, I am never going to be exceptional at applying it. And also that every time I use ink, quite apart from the quality of the things I can draw, that complicates completion of all the things I cannot draw, since I can only fully construct them digitally after scanning the paper, which means, first of all, that they will not HAVE the ink aesthetic, and also that the space is already determined before I know how much space I actually need, which will result in considerable fiddling about with things that are already tightly crammed together which won’t necessarily look correct if made less or more tight than that to accommodate phantom page characteristics. Unless I only put easily-drawn things on the page, which I shouldn’t do, because easy pages are boring. Their descriptions are briefer and consequently less boring on account of me not complaining about how hard to make they were, but any reasonable person would skip this part!

June 27, 2016
There is no character called “Dr. Dupes” in the game, although Level 8’s title has a character named Dr. Dupes.

page 13 of part 3 of the bimshwellian comicoid.

An educational page. Though it makes me mad that all those bootleg elpses are pretending that they are not elpse.
Not surprisingly, I could not conceptualize the full level of detail I wanted, despite having “written” this section years ago, until I already had it drawn and the text spaces fixed in place.
that this appears so soon after another my debuting a “story” about pointy-eared imps stored in cylinders, is a coincidence; that concept is from 12 years ago. I am just not very creative!

May 27, 2016
their challenge is to replicate the big bang on ice

page 12 of part 3 of this
I like the colors on this page even though they are lifted directly off of previous pages where I was less taken with them.

I must say I am continually disappointed with how relatively reponsible nemitz is turning out to be. Although consider that it acts like a buffoon when it enjoys something but suddenly acts like it is smart when elpse does something stupid. Typical hypocrite mitz.

I have blatantly ignored where that circular table was on previous pages. I am not Herge or Don Rosa, I can get away with that.
Don Rosa once drew some Scrooge McDuck comic scene from two different angles in two different stories since one involved time-traveling to the other, and he made a special point that all the bricks and incidental background details were consistent even though almost nobody would check on that. I am the sort of person who would check on that, but regrettably also the sort to hope nobody else would check on it.

April 4, 2016
now one cop has one job: take on the mob

page 44 of re-text-sorted that

I feel bad erasing elpse’s face spots because they did work at first, but I quickly stopped drawing them, and over time the shape of elpse’s head changed and the spots did not fit as well. They were supposed to semi-circle from one point on the forehead bands to the other.

I used to want to also change kumquat’s computers all into space-wasting mainframe things, but I suppose here the whole room is supposed to be one. Generally I think modern tiny computers are less visually stylish, and show even less invention on my own part to include them. And this comic strip in general, especially this part, is very domestic and mundane. The one thing I am glad I did, even though it only is seen much later, is showing the money as little balls of fuzz instead of coins or shiny objects. But maybe little trinkets as currency is even mundane. Maybe currency is mundane. Maybe hands and faces, maybe all chordate features are mundane. Maybe words and emotions and time are mundane! Honestly, you need to lighten up.

But I ALSO don’t want to spend so very much time on stuff that I drew ten years ago. I would rather write new stories than alter old ones in superficial ways that take me forever for some reason. And that makes these write-ups less pleasant as well. What I can do, without making things harder, is remove thought baubles that do not accomplish anything. Sometimes it entertains me to have the characters say simple things in needlessly verbose ways, but sometimes it is just more words. Elpse initially thought “makes me mad” in the lower left frame. But elpse is obviously made mad! Many things cause this. It would be more noteworthy for elpse to thinkly proclaim “does not make me mad!” But elpse is becoming mad here, so no such negative negativity will be exhibited.

I also want to have elpse say “oh my squash” where once was said “oh my gourd,” since I imagined “oh my gourd” is too overused as a joke phrase, and squash additionally serves to hint at elpse’s affinity for pumpkins, but that appears to be an equally common joke phrase. Oh my scrod is less so. Of course scrod has no sway over elpse’s actions so this may be due for yet another alteration before I produce the printed edition. I will not keep you posted.

March 16, 2016
for we in this nation are the descendants of go-getters

page 11 of part 3 of the bimshwellian comicoid one of these panels is going to give somebody terrible dreams. That one, perhaps?

I tried a different technique to get the page done faster. As usual, it did not work, but life is all about messing up things in different ways! in fact i tried it years ago and it didn’t work then, either and I gave up after three pages, but I thought I might be better at it now. I am, but it still doesn’t work!

Generally, I draw each full page on two sheets of 11×17 inch bristol paper, paper that is really too nice for what I am doing with it, especially now that I am not using fancy ink pens. I decided to turn one sheet sideways and just draw the full page on one. Which sort of worked, although I was not able to scale down my thoughts, which means I drew at nearly the same size as when I had twice as much space, and suddenly nobody has feet. I also decided to try and work with my pencil drawing directly instead of completely drawing over it in solid digital colors, which did not work.

preserving pencil shading does not work unless the page proportions and layout are exact or very close to the finished, and you are sure enough of it that you do not need to add many things in layer. And then you need to draw confidently and consistently With the amount of digital alteration and clarification that comes standard for you, this way is never going to work.

Also, one sideways bristol sheet, at 11×17 inches, is not proportional to two non-sideways bristol sheets. At 17×22, they scale to 8.5×11, the size I print it, which is so convenient a coincidence as to likely be intentional. 11×17, however scales to 7.1×11. So even if I had everything right, there would still be space on the sides. With all that said you must be thinking I am out of my mind to have thought this would work. And yet THAT is the part that ALMOST worked. Pencil without ink, however, is a proven method, plenty of artists do it, and the well-known Disney company animated numerous feature films like that before two dimensional media was outlawed. I am just not good at doing things that work!

Why are my comic posts always so pessimistic? This is my favorite thing to post! I can’t believe they would do this to me! I hate these posts!

Nobody I know has a website anymore

Mr. Sr. Mxy
Gilhodes (bah you need a facebook account to see)
video game music database
pacific novelty
Green Lantern Head Trauma

them`s fightin` woids: July 21, 2017
Frimpinheap sez:
I believe it is a regular dumb old toaster that pog knows is a toaster but is using as a hat. A...
July 21, 2017
Indighost sez:
How long does a picture, such as this, take to complete?
July 20, 2017
Purplespace sez:
But is it a toaster that’s a hat, or a hat that’s a toaster?
July 19, 2017
Frimpinheap sez:
I suppose as real people spend less time in the real world, it becomes more fantastical to them....
July 15, 2017
Frimpinheap sez:
What a shockingly on-topic garbage robot comment. It could be mistaken for sincerity were it not...
July 14, 2017
Purplespace sez:
When I was a kid I liked the sitcom about the guy who made a robot to be his daughter. And with...
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