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April 16, 2014
I like to eat the peanut butter…… first.

I have just realized that I totally neglected to write hidden mouse-over messages for a bunch of these. I have tended to that, then, now.


Mr. Peanut, our nation’s oldest and most affluent legume, seems to have quite a following on E-Bay. Or perhaps a desertion, considering that everybody who posts a picture of one is hoping to be rid of it. The conspicuous scarf suggests that Mr. Peanut has a cold. Perhaps other ailments if he needs a cane to sit down. And you think I want a sick peanut in MY home?

In fact, when I get an apartment again I am going to buy all of these off of ebay and then put them in every piece of furniture that I can acquire. In the event I convince anybody to visit me the visitors will have to stand.

The enormous absurd object on the left is apparently only $8, not including shipping. Including shipping it comes to about $38! The one beside it costs about $19, with its shipping price reduced to around the same area. Other variants of it have totals that come out to a similar amount or more. I expect that the postal service requires premium packaging for anybody who wears a top hat and monocle. I would further suggest that instead of a truck they use a horse-drawn stagecoach.

Even if no delegates from my family ever stop by, Mr. Peanut’s will not let me down. I perhaps ought to have kept a spot free for myself to be let down into, though.

I think Mr. Peanut is drunk. From the listing: “He is missing his hat. He must have left it at the last party.” Mr Peanut is very irresponsible! And in front of the children, too.

Alright, we are very impressed at your flexibility, but that is quite enough, Mr. Peanut.

Oh, what a tease. Mr. Peanut will be on the cover of every fashion magazine if he keeps this up. But seriously, enough kidding around. I am beginning to worry about you.

When is the last time you shaved, Mr. Peanut? Did you go into work today? Are you feeling alright?

I do not particularly like these new friends you are hanging around with, Mr. Peanut. You were always a healthy peanut. A little salty sometimes, perhaps, but generally responsible. That fellow next to you, he claims to be a king in his country, I think he is nothing more than a dirty supplier for folks like that other pal of yours. Look at him, he’s never worked a day in his life. How do you think he is supporting his habit? Probably sponging off you, I’ll bet. Oh he’s just “borrowing” from you? I’m sure. Everybody’s your “friend” when you’re rich, peanut. And what about those five guys I saw you with yesterday? Do you have any idea what they fry their potatoes in? What? No, I didn’t say- that’s not what I said! Would you listen for once? I just think you should exercise more discretion! Yes I know you’re all grown up and can do what you like but I can still worry about you, can’t I? You wouldn’t need “emotional support” from thugs like that if you looked after yourself better. Look at you, in such a sad state you put your monocle over the wrong eye. You were probably stumbling around all day, too out of your wits to wonder why you kept bumping into things. Or maybe one of those hoodlums dared you to do it? What else have they been goading you into doing? Answer me, Peanut. Answer me!

But would you please- Alright, I shouldn’t have yelled. Please calm down. Don’t make a scene here. Why don’t you go to bed?

Oh Mr. Peanut, what are you doing now? Don’t you know that is dangerous? Please just go home and get some rest!

Alas, fame and fortune were too much, too soon for Mr. Peanut. I should have seen the warning signs. He will be potentially missed, and likely mixed.

Talks are underway to have him replaced with Drew Carey. I had heard Mr. Carey was losing weight but I figured he had enough money that it was unrelated to career-advancement.

What? What is THIS?

What? It can’t be! You were dead!


What have I done? Even the police are helpless to stop this vengeful reign of terror. It doesn’t have to be this way, Mr. Peanut! We can get you help!

You don’t know what you’re saying! It’s me you want! Don’t make the innocent suffer!


Hopefully not to be continued

April 12, 2014
Garfield ranks as one of the favorite comic strips in our paper and some of you have let him know he won’t stay popular unless he cleans up his dirty mouth.

I was tending to some comic matters on Monday; I will see about getting this out of here on Tue’s day.

It got stupider than I was expecting. That is probably good. It is possibly very, very bad, however. I will try Wedne’s day instead.


I was shocked as anyone to learn today that Stephen Colbert will not, as I reported earlier, be replacing Barbara Walters on “The View.”

However, the same source assures me that Barbara Walters still intends to replace Alex Trebek.

Alex Trebek, of course, is leaving Jeopardy in 2016 to replace The Ultimate Warrior.

Stephen Colbert will be replaced by Comedy Central’s next-biggest star, ventriloquist Jeff Dunham, who will be replaced by a battle bot.

Daniel Tosh was not in the running, obviously, because he is set to replace Nelson Mandela, who himself replaced Carlos Mencia.

Ben Stein will not be replacing anyone since I managed to temporarily forget that he existed.

As for Craig Ferguson, his contract calls for him to get a late night show on CBS five years after some guy from the Daily Show gets it.

I posted something roughly equivalent to these on twittarrrgh yesterday (yeserday being Thursday). Nobody cared. Nor should they have. I do not do things worth caring about on Twitter. From the looks of things almost nobody does. When they do it makes no sense and I am hoping to catch one of those fluke flows of interest by posting garbage because I never learned any useful skills. Still, it was a much faster and to the point not-caring than accompanied my classic “late night show” related commentary, that I often spent hours dwelling on and putting together.
At one point in my life, when I had approximately less friends than now, I watched many of such programs, and despite whatever inept, skewed idea of how people talk to each other this left me with, I drew my best pictures while peripherally acknowledging and occasionally looking directly at these shows.
I also used to write about them a lot, and from my recollection I primarily complained and it was terrible..

Recently I have written much about them, again but more out of habit and compulsion than because I thought my gripes about what is not entertaining are entertaining. Hopefully that will stay buried.

I had not watched any of the old late night hosts regularly for fivish finkel years, but I liked knowing they were around. I liked there being video evidence that someone I understood and liked before I became stuck in my ways still existed and interacted with the world in the present. Outside my immediate family, and sometimes not even in it, nobody I knew in the 1990s has any contact with me now. These oafs in suits were important to me. They were consistent, and they were just mature enough that I did not arbitrarily decree myself too smart to watch them like I did with stuff that came on earlier (I did not start watching stupid wrestling until 2001ish, I think). Unfortunately, when one of them becomes moderately newsworthy I feel compelled to comment, and that again forces me not only to give it priority I can hardly spare, but also to be unique among commenters, which is not my trait when the topic is relatively normal people.

Now Jay Leno is gone, David Letterman is going, Alex Trebek is going. Alex Trebek is on television earlier in the day and not an especially entertaining presence, not deliberately, but I have to think whoever is put on instead of him will be distinctly irritating. I will be surprised if the Muppets last another 10 years. But that is part of life, right? The stuff you used to like goes away and you cannot stop it. But in my case the stuff I like almost invariably is a few decades older than me. I am stuck in a past I never lived in. And that is absurd; I rely on a computer for almost all things and can create little without it, and society’s attitude toward the mentally ill has improved considerably even in just the last few years. I would be profoundly disabled at this age if I had lived ten years earlier, and if I had lived ten years later I would only have smirky computer cartoons to watch and would be expelled and arrested if I drew pictures of bats killing each other with swords and bombs while at school. I was fortunate! I was merely quietly redistributed to various special education programs throughout the state who saw to it that I learned no skills, that would lead to me panicking about garbage I posted on twitter years later. If my life had gone some other way, this whole post here would be a lie because I did not do any of these things and reading it would be a huge waste of time.

I like Colbert –and I am surprised how much I do; back in 1999 I didn’t understand why Brian Unger and A Whitney Brown got fired but his uninspiring dorkiness got to stay on– but I also like that he only has a half hour program, that he stays in character during interviews, which I now skip on other “talk” programs, and that Comedy Central makes really cheap deals with the musical guests so their performances (or anything related to Breaking Bad for some reason) are usually deleted by the time I get to the show they appeared on in the online archive, since I have been perpetually three months behind for the past year, which prevents me from forcing myself to listen to music I hate just because it seems unfair to dismiss them without a chance to prove themselves. So then with those segments skipped I can more quickly tend to something else of importance, like watching the next day’s show and only being 2 months and 29 days behind.

I worry that I have lost the ability to become fan of new things. Is it stubborn contrariness? Do I sincerely not like the way television and films are made? Am I impossibly jealous as a result of never accomplishing anything, with people younger than me continually arriving and getting recognition? Yes, but is it permanent?

I will not run out of entertainment; I have 15 years of missed video games to deal with, and I still like the old ones that I liked before, and some more than I formerly liked them (though perhaps just as many that I like less). Likewise there are plenty of television shows and films that exist that I have not yet had a chance at. But I am not likely to share an interest with contemporary society again.

I started watching Conan O’Zarkike’s program again (as I divulged) when I started to fixate on these topics, but he is still the Conan that I -stopped- watching a few years ago based on his increasing desire to turn himself into one of those contemporary sorts that I cannot stand, by begging for viewer submissions or devoting uncomfortably large portions of airtime to sponsored content. A few days after I posted this, they showed an Xmen-themed movie trailer straight out during time usually reserved for a comedy attempt piece. One of the pioneers of messing with pretentious movie footage to make it sillier is now content to deliver ads direct, and then show a commercial break. It is not just a matter of Conan pleading with the audience/advertisers to like him after losing a prestigious job; he was doing this before he got and lost that job (the xmen preview was a new low, though). I would not shut up about it. Even the few that I like are disappointing. I have a huge problem.

And worse! I found out just today that Conan’s show used approximately the same joke about Barbara Walters as I did, two nights before I did, because they are put on the Tbs website late and I watch them yet later than that. That there is Conan O’Brien’s semi-cohost Andy Richter inserted into a clip from The View in a sketch that I was too distracted to pay attention to because I was horrified that I now looked like I had ripped this joke off of someone else on twitter. And I actually twittered the joke AT Stephen Colbert’s account. Nobody famous would ever have awareness of anything I did UNLESS I had done something derivative or terrible, and theoretically I would be blocked forever after the first error. So now Stephen Colbert hates me. But since I only think that it is not enough to make me too bitter to watch his show and at least free myself from the never ending duty to watch his program that never stops being made.
It is fine here; I can explain it, and we are surrounded by things too dumb for anyone else to have thought of, providing ample evidence that I have no desire to copy anyone else. But on twitter I only get one chance and no space to explain anything. If I mention something twice I look crazy. Anybody who looks awkward on twitter is dead to the world, unless their gimmick is to be awkward and not think things through. I think things near, far, over, under and through and am still too awkward to acknowledge.
In fact I only know Barbara Walters is retiring at all because of an earlier Conan-related Barbara Walters joke so I cannot even claim that I did not know. Theoretically, nobody else has any awareness of anything I like except momentarily for the purposes of thinking I ripped it off. See I can’t win in this, so it is better if nobody reads my posts. It is not all that original a joke either because its effectiveness depends on the idea of a man taking a woman’s place being inherently funny. I personally disagree on the grounds that Barbara Walters is funny to mention for many reasons, but I am not in any condition to elaborate at this time. Gosh i did not come here to talk about this! I watched the non-guest segments of Tuesday’s Conan as I was eating halfway through formatting this. I am only days behind on that, rather than years, because O’Brien’s gang does not keep old episodes on the internet indefinitely like Colbert’s does, forcing me to be up to date. If there is in fact a complete archive, and for some reason you know about it, please do not tell me. Even skipping the interviews I do not have time to be watching 3 tv shows (I also still watch the Jon Stewart Daily Show from months behind. That is another old gripe. But gee Chris Christie sure closed that bridge lane, didn’t he!).

Somebody probably did that Craig Ferguson joke already, too. Who, I have no idea. There are too many people that I have to beat at everything and even if I do it will not matter, but I am obsessed with trying. And again it is not a joke that is good enough that I should have been heralded for making it, but I should be shunned for taking it. I didn’t, but surely to somebody I look like I did. I will always lose unless I do dumb, useless things. And we all knew that already! So this is also useless, and I need less useless things cluttering my mind, so I must dump them here or risk tripping over them in the dark and injuring myself.

My next post will probably be about Mr. Peanut.

April 5, 2014
The world on you depends, our life will never end. Gotta love your man

page 62 of part 2 of this.
Or perhaps it is page 1 page of part 3. If I do not conclude part 2 immediately before here, I may not have another “destination” point for a respectable amount of while, so this is a good point, if for no other reason than it leaves part 2 comparable in length to part 1, which also ended without a resolution and appeared to actually be two parts. I do need to insert an additional kumquat page that I have not drawn but determined to be precisely 16 frames in length and lacking in action. However, it does require me to draw a mechanical apparatus, and I still have not fully recovered from drawing bicycles.

I could also force in an additional section about Treco (chair with arms) choosing a bomb courier for the following “day” but I have not determined anything about that delivery apart from that it will happen tomorrow.

The lizard should consider fashion accessories that do not fly off it every time it gets surprised, as it gets surprised frequently.

March 31, 2014

I should consider proofreading this.

I have considered it.

I saw the recentest Muppet sequel a week ago, and wrote this a week ago, but goopness grapeness I am surprised I posted it within a month.
It was pleasantly pleasant, considering the unprecedented degree to which the pre-show adutainment made me feel irrelevant and despised by the world.
Considering that the film is dedicated to Jerry Nelson (Jane Henson also) and there is a song about numbers sung by someone with a vaguely eastern european accent, I was again disappointed to not see my favorite muppet The Count, but again it would not have made sense for The Count to be visible. in fact the vocal was provided by Matt Vogel who currently operates and voices The Count.

As I said following that piece, I thought the previous film was well-done overall and not what the poster implied it was going to be, though definitely there was too much time devoted to people who were not muppets. Walter, the non-muppet who looks like a muppet is still in this one, and still probably more important than necessary, but the story calls for a muppet that does not have a serious psychological malfunction (meaning: a muppet which does not exist to be funny) to sense that something has gone wrong and the orange one with glasses is not important enough that I am bothered when someone tries to take his job, and he is still in this movie a lot so maybe there is room for two muppets that are funny looking but somewhat boring. A good thing about being a muppet is that even with a subdued temperament you still have no choice but to be ridiculous in appearance.
The human non-muppets from the previous film are not in this one at all. There were other humans that I was supposed to recognize; “cameos.” I did not know half of them, but there were enough that I could pick out a few. And even if I couldn’t, since they are just cameos they do not matter.
This movie is not zooming in on Lady Gogga or Dylan “Hornswoggle” Postl and saying “If you have avoided this person’s antics the last four years you are not allowed to relate to anything in this production.”

In fact I ought to have recognized Hornswoggle, the World Wrestling Ederfation’s primary leprechaun during the period when I was really getting tired of the WWE, in part due to excessive, terrible use of characters like Hornswoggle, who started as a silly unannounced, unnamed performer who assisted an Irish wrestler, then inexplicably became a top promoted figure meant to be taken seriously despite him being a leprechaun whose matches could only end in fluke, joke wins that made his opponents look dumb or discomforting losses when his opponents were actually allowed to catch and do, you know, wrestling moves on him. But usually wrestlers play wrestlers in their cameos. Being a leprechaun probably alters that setup somewhat.

And it is certainly possible to be annoyed by Richard Gervais, but he is still second to a muppet. The muppet even tells him that. I like that a comedic actor who knows the importance of being second to a muppet was cast in the part and not just someone pretty or marketable, or statistcally funny due to having appeared on comedy-labeled programs that were not abruptly cancelled. So I cannot fathom how this movie belongs with the ones whose previews it bears.

As occurred when I viewed Doy Story 3, before the film started I considered the sort of trash that would comprise the previews, and this time made a checklist of bad kid-directed-at standbys as a way of pre-emptively working off the usual rage those fill me with. I could not actually check the list since the room was too dark by that point and I mostly wrote them on the same lines, and continued writing them after I was supposed to be watching for them, because I found hypothetical complaining more satisfying than raising my awareness of things I might wish to complain about. But just listening, Rio 2 had most of them. I was not conscious of a first Rio but yeppirroo there is a second. Three of the five previews were for sequels and only one of the five was not computer animated, and that one had a computer animated character in it, and prominently features kids playing with fancy telephone doohickeys anyway. Not that kids don’t do that, but I do not want to watch them do that. But the movie is not for me. Why was it advertised before one that was?

“Unfortunately” there was no new re-make/-boot series that I was supposed to be surprised and impressed by somebody trying to cash in with by making it 3d, ugly and cynical. Can you believe it, there has never been a 90 minute feature film about Chester Cheetah finding that portal to New York City that Underdog, the Smurfs and the marauding 3d talking animal gang that wasn’t from Madagascar used. Maybe we’re about due for a Harry and the Hendersons reboot. The choices are defendless. And oh, nobody has tried to make a live action/computery Pink Panther yet, but maybe there are copyright issues due to the recent-enough Stever Martin non-animal Pink Panther remake. If it had been Mike Myers he would have done them both at the same time and maybe not even with a scottish accent.

In addition to the previews, there was a Monsters University-themed short subject presentation from the Pixar company that included any tackiness that Rio 2′s preview ran out of time to show it also has. I did not see Monsters Ooniversity, but according to evidence presented here, the idea here is that there are normal dumb 1980s college movie kids who like to get drunk and have heterosexual relationships with rigid, binary-gendered companions while listening to indescernible noise and never actually do classwork or have any difficulty finding a niche that accepts them. Except… they look kinda funny! And something about closets because monsters right? According to media dating to even earlier than this concept of college, children believe that monsters live in closets and under beds. I realize that is Pixar’s thing, to put all its effort into a quirky but ultimately tertiary visual element and then be as generic as possible with everything else, and I still dislike it. Especially when it parasites itself unannounced onto another film that I am drawn to specifically because it is the single “general” audience film likely to be receive wide release this year that isn’t trying to load up on pixar’s success being flashy and typical.

And apparently the industry leaders in computer animation still can’t render a remotely appetizing cartoon pizza. Or maybe they risk alienating their core audience of people who eat terrible pizza by showing one that looks like it would taste good. In fact, Domino’s, the worst pizza in the nation became, likewise, an industry leader by delivering to college campuses at a time when other bad pizza companies would not. If you have tried a Domino’s pizza recently and thought it was bad, it was by all accounts worse in the 1970s. If you thought it was good, then it was probably even worse in the 70s! It has been my experience that a good pizza restaurant still will not deliver its product. The orange circle with red circles seen here could be a subtle commentary on that, but since nothing here is subtle that would be impossible.

Sure these are outdated college stereotypes, but what about the outdated Eastern European stereotypes that factored heavily into the main muppety film that I claim to have appreciated? Maybe there are Baltic immigrants who feel insulted that put-on accents, backward Rs and the insinuation that there is a unrelenting year-long blizzard on their entire sub-continent have gone unquestioned and unopposed for too long. Maybe they wonder “why are Americans laughing at the legitimate cruelty and injustice carried out in the Russian legal system? Are they unaware that the US also has secret prisons? Oh they know and just don’t care.” Surely that is possible, but in this case it was not the main characters engaging in that, and the film could still work if that was excised, and the setting changed or the accents not so fake. Like the cameos, that stuff is not crucial to appreciating the film. And this that I am writing is about what annoys me personally, not whose annoyedances are most valid.

By the time the actual feature film- I realize that for something to be featured, something secondary is necessary, but that terminology is also outdated… By the time the actual feature film started I was worn out and miserable and in no mood to enjoy anything. My moods go bad quite easily and often take some time to go good again. I am glad the muppets could overcome that.
Maybe the previews are at the discretion of the distributor, to whom it makes financial sense to ignore the feature’s content beyond whether the ehhhf word is spoken aloud, but the Disney ownerlords ought to have watched this movie and realized “oh gee nobody has getting drunk and attending parties as an ultimate life priority in this movie.”

Monster University, the full length version I am expected to have seen already, entered wide-release last July, when I was in Paris, so thankfully I missed the biggest hype period for that.

Unfortunately, Monstres Academy also opened around the same time. I wrote about it but did not post it because I was too busy doing things dumber and time-wastier than formatting that for display here. I hope to have no other excuse to refer to this matter, so I do it now.

I had seen the title on various unrelated supermarket products prior to then, and been not at all optimistic about another acquiescing pseudo-academic tropefest with advance merchandising deals, but at least was unaware of the ugly character designs until they were taped to every subway tunnel in a city that I would be required to walk through for the next four weeks. Maybe they are “supposed” to be ugly, being “monsters,” but I do not find them ugly in an enjoyable way, apart from a purple lizard thing with glasses that is not worth braving the full crowd for. It was not important enough to be in the barnacle attached to the Muppet sequel, at least. Particularly I dislike that this one character is covered with fur and lacks pants but has a mustache (that one does briefly appear in the barnacle). By my understanding, the lack of trousers works when something is “cute” in a very narrow range of ways. On the body of a chubby middle-aged man-oid with facial hair it is unsettling. There is another creature, nearer the front here, and thankfully blurry, that has a multitude of white cartoon eyes in excess of 2, arranged in a fashion that does not seem evolutionarily sound. Also without trousers and also too grotesque to be cute. Three is about my limit for mammalian eyes in a single vicinity, and they need to be more orderly and practical than that. The effect of just tossing a bunch onto a surface bothers me. It bothers me so much that I am done talking about it.

And I don’t accept for T seconds Billy Crystal yelling about how excited he is to be a college student, because he’s probably about 65 by now. Older people have gone to college but if they yell about it they aren’t filmed.

He is excited just to be a student of a college in general. A college from a stereotype-loaded revenge of the nerds type college, where actually going to classes comprises 1% of the activity and everything else is partying, clubs and sports. Everybody wants a jacket that expresses affiliation with some group. Somebody who has no or wants no involvement with those does not exist. I don’t mean that the person -might as well- not exist, but that script writers can’t fathom of somebody who doesn’t fit into those niches living on the planet. Or even living on an imaginary planet that is supposed to be warped and strange and people who get reblogged at me on twitter will praise for having the message that being warped and strange is A-OK (guys).

Anyway the main character looks too much like Plague, the torso-less [single] eyeball monster that Counts at anybody who attempts to retrieve the White lance in Final Fantasy II IV, which only further emphasizes the lack of Count in the film I came to see. And its name is “Mike.” HAW HEE it is a MONSTER but with a normal man’s name! Great idea and now it’s been named Mike for six years.

It was not the worst looking american film I saw promotion for in Paris, but it seemed the most likely to be approved of by other people, due to being bad in a more socially acceptable fashion, which makes it considerably less pleasant for me. A bad, hated movie will go away. I am not going to see fanart for Google product placement movie, and though the smurfs are certain to return, there is no secret prohibition on protesting them. A bad, beloved movie will come back again and again. As this one did.

I do not accept the excuse that this film is making fun of stereotypes and therefore may freely benefit from them (For one thing, nobody has made the claim that it does anything but benefit from them).
These are supposed to be otherworldly beings that frighten humans but they have rigid binary genders totally analogous to our own. Muppets are strictly male and female too, but I find them entertaining and am less inspired to dissect them for griping purposes, and these aren’t in corny movie college anyhow. I think it is fairly public knowledge that my least favorite cartoon as a child was Muppet Babies, a truly unnecessary effort to dumb muppets down into something consumable by children, even though we already have Sesame Street, was does quite fine with real muppets, so I hardly think I am pulling a dumble-standard here. Monsters [and muppets] are important to me and I dislike these monsters, and that is just the way it goes.

I have read descriptions of theoretically clever things that have happened on muppet babies, but I cannot get past the theme song. I think that part is crucial.

Of course it is a fantasy written by humans and not meant to be thought about very hard, but why NOT make a movie that needs to be thought about? And yes I complained about there being an unusual number of eyes on one or more characters, showing my own silly adherence to routine, but I did not see any evidence that having more than 2 had any effect on the creature’s perceptive capabilities. It is all for show. Everybody still talks through its mouth and sounds like a promoted, non-cameo celebrity.
From a financial standpoint, it makes sense to pander directly to your buying audience of normal people. There really is no good reason for a company to make a movie that does not bother me. And I cannot claim that I require school/gender stereotype trigger warnings or that this sort of material should cease to exist, because I am the only person who has this problem, and at worst it makes me uncomfortable and inclined to spend hours organizing my complaints. And so I shall continue to complain to facilitate me no longer thinking about it.

That is all for today, folks.

March 24, 2014
He was in the process of designing his second Capcom game, an erotic pinball game entitled Zingy Bingy, when Capcom closed down their pinball division.

Based on a ew story.

March 20, 2014
A man is wise to choose such talented, talented shoes

I expect I have alluded to this before, but may have never properly addressed it: Cracklin’ Oat Bran.

This box design has not been in use for some while, but provocateurs still attmpt to push the agenda by distributing empty boxes through trusted commerce channels like ebay and dumpsters that have not been cleared out in 15 years. The decision was made to remove cereal from the box not because it would be inedible a decade and a half in the future, but to reduce the weight for shipping, with the expectation that buyers could reclaim the exciting breakfast experience if they wished by eating the box.

“More, please.”

This is supposed to be a cereal for adults. Get your own dang cracklin oat bran. And for heap’s beep there is a G at the end of “crackling.” The first meal of the day and you are already slacklin’ off in multiple unrelated ways.
“More, please” is no request. It is a demand. The “please” is totally disingenuous. You are liable to be banished from this cruel Victorian workhouse with that sort of entitled attitude!
And that strawberry slice is a work of fiction; I have eaten fruit with cereal before (you are surprised at my adventurous tendencies, no doubt), and the distribution never works like that. Only with cautious planning is there enough fruit for there to still be any when the cereal runs out, and my boss here was not even smart enough to take a promotional photograph of a product with the product actually in it. I think this cracklin hobo has actually not had any cereal yet; there would be more crumbs than that, and plenty of unsightly white goop residue. If this were authentic I would not be able to look at the bowl to make such an analysis. But the bum didn’t even pour it out the first time. I could understand demanding more if you had painfully exerted yourself to fill the bowl, and that was your accomplishment for the day, and you now qualified for assistance. Trying to trick me by cracklin’ a few oat branuloids into an empty bowl and cutting one strawberry into half is disgraceful. You think I do not use my oat brain? You think I am using my raisin brain today? I am not such a tragic case!

Well there you go. You should never have gone. Another home wrecked by raisin brain. Could someone you tolerate have a raisin brain addiction? I am disgusted that you put up with that!

March 16, 2014
with two cats in the yard, life used to be so hard

This began as an attempt to recreate what I saw when I visited the Loovruh museum in Paris, which was a very odd sight: dorks and morons alike crowding into a huge room full of huge paintings to fixate on one that is very tiny, and make terrible blurry reproductions of the most reproduced and easy-to-acquire-perfect-reproductions-of art works perhaps in history. Somehow it was not odd enough, and things went strange as I was adding details.

So I have fixated on irrelevance to such a degree that it subdues and consumes the original point of what I was doing through overthinking and overworking. It took three times as long as it should have and means nothing, and still looks incomplete enough that I might dump a few more hours into it. Good to know I still got it!

I mean to say that I still have it.

There is more to the story than this, and I would like to tell it, so I probably never will.

March 8, 2014
graham is too OLD to play with toys!

page 61 of that is now available. And I swapped 60 with 59 again. What fun!

This comic takes a surprisingly long time to color considering that every page is purple.
Why do i keep making sequences in which the viewpoint and character positions do not change? drawing something twice is not one of my talents. Although observing my talent deficits is.
Can you determine which of these frames does not quite fit because I drew it separately from the others and then fortified with dialog from the frame I did draw but removed because it did not accomplish anything and I lacked space for both? Probably, but that question may have been so confusing that you do not actually know what I asked and so do not answer, and therefore I win!

It seems that I like my characters better the more mentally screwed up they become, even though this results in them having fairly interchangeable, and inconsistent personalities. All three of these dwobos here have some issue that the other two think is insane/imagined.

March 1, 2014
Tell me: does she miss you, existing just to kiss you?

Uf FINALLY. I have been waiting years to find a half tomato in a sealed plastic bag at the side of the road. Yes I will absolutely put this at the foremost position of the website whose url I print on my business cards that I paid to have printed and do give to people that I expect to have a sincere interest in what I am doing.

I did not think I had come out here to look for it, but once I found it I knew I must have been seeking it. And thank Rygar for the bag to keep the specimen in good condition. It is a sign.

You blasted yung’uns need to slow down! There are packaged, forgotten fragments of food in places that make no sense that you are totally missing! I would be interested in knowing what you think is so much more important (but surely LESS interested than I am in my present focus).
Why, it inspires me to know that my life could well be filled with such discoveries from this point.

Good night! Fantasy distractions can no longer compete.

But wha…!

Well that DOES change things.

February 21, 2014
You’ll also notice that Jenny is sometimes in diapers, but its not because she chooses to be (you’ll have to explore some of her stories to understand why)

page 60 of this. Yes that yellow font truly has to go.
Peh, there still is not time to talk about this at length; I have a prompt appointment with aimlessly walking outside in the rain.

I like this page better than the one before it. Also, it “works” (the creatures are layabouts; only I work to put them here) better if you have not seen that one yet. Whoopth. I started this one, then realized I forgot to make that one, but should soon since it follows immediately after the last time the gnomes were seen, and rerealized I had better get on that, and later reallyized it was less urgent than I thought. In fact the last time we saw them, we were jumping ahead a few minutes into the future, since as I said at the time, there was no way they could have reached their [location] so quickly. Now they have had time to get where they are going and we can rejoin them at their proper position in chronology.

Nobody I know has a website anymore

Mr. Sr. Mxy
Gilhodes (bah you need a facebook account to see)
video game music database

them`s fightin` woids:
April 19, 2014
Charmlatan sez:
I was a little worried about the lack of hidden picture messages. I thought Mr. Peanut got rid...
April 18, 2014
Heapinfrimp sez:
mr. darnanteater: A worse idea than this one? I am not certain that can be braced for....
April 18, 2014
that darn anteater sez:
I can’t explain the idea this gave me, in case I actually go through with it, but...
April 17, 2014
PurpleSpace sez:
Mr. Peanut, what exactly is your relationship with Rich Uncle Pennybags as you share similar...
April 17, 2014
Charmlatan sez:
I fear it may be too late to talk Mr. Peanut out of world domination.
April 16, 2014
Snikpel the Snokpeal sez:
At long last, I return to my place of former prominence on this site!

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