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Questionable artwork and pedantic miscellany
January 30, 2015
Escaped toddlers prompt investigation at Austin day care

Where are they going? Hopefully wherever I am not going.

Similar in conception to pogone, in that I did it to figure what characters I was drawing for a very brief scene in the beet cartoon, but not as well realized, and I was less sure of what I was doing, based on it, in the animation, which I cannot show you yet! Still it is a moderately functional image.

January 29, 2015
It’s how we keep gogetters like you going and getting

If a bullet ricochet sound effect has been heard in a Yosemite Sam cartoon, please consider not putting it in your serious World War I movie.

January 27, 2015
the Micro Knife is strong enough to cut through this football

And speaking, as I was, of over-promoted, mostly empty objects,

These Patriots balloons seem to be floating low compared to the others. Perhaps not inflated sufficiently?

Otay, I don’t care about it either. It is precisely how little I care about it that makes me so aware of its pointlessness, which I do care about. No other 100% frivolous topic – local elections, cartoons, late night talk shows – makes people feel so much like they have to go out of their way(s) to warn me that they don’t care before commenting. I do get a few “I don’t watch televisions” here and there, but I would also not watch it if I had the choice.

This is in a pizza restaurant. Every other time I have seen this television on, it seemed to be set to a channel that loops infomercials. They must have promised not to switch channels until something dumber came on another one.
By now putting GATE at the end is you admitting that it is an overhyped stupid story that is a waste of everyone’s time. Television network news loves this kind of garbage. They have only 21 minutes to fill with information of the entire world’s concern, not even 7 days a week, and they waste time on this repeatedly.

Today (yesterday) the big story was this year’s Historic Buzzard. Weather is also ludicrously fetishized by tv news, but this one is an actual world story, at least, in a sense, perhaps inadvertently, since presumably other countries were messed with when major transit hubs canceled all flights in and out.

That was about half the broadcast. They STILL made time for more nonsense about the stupid footballs. The caption literally was “WHO DEFLATED THOSE FOOTBALLS?” The answer was, essentially, “dunno.” Gosh if they DID know, something might actually happen, ehhh? There might be something to TALK about! Would we postpone or cancel the Superb-Owl to do a proper investigation? To find out how long this team that almost always wins has been cheating? No no no, do not even say that! Oh my word, the very thought of it! We’ll steal back a gold medal you won legitimately because you smoked weeds that probably harmed your performance, if anything, but we don’t mess with football.
The NFL’s biggest stars are conceited thugs, and the ones that aren’t are getting dementia from bashing themselves in the head all the time. Tv providers bend over backward for an opportunity to bend their customers every other way for the obnoxious “package deals” major sport associations force on them. They would love to imply the the very worst thing going on is that a few balls do not have enough air in them once in a while, and get more free press for the biggest adsturbation ceremony of the year in the process, since we have assured everyone that will NOT be called off under any circumstances. Perhaps I DO care, then, but I put effort into it.

I used to write about someone I identified as W, at the time for his sake, now more for mine, that I knew via the stupid furry art websites and was infatuated with, and later hated intensely after I got jealous of the people he liked better than me. Throughout this tenure, when he was not in hiding with an emptied art page, every few days he would post a totally empty “I hope everyone is having a wonderful day!” kind of message on his page, just to give the impression he cared about his disciples, important to do because he didn’t. It worked; I fell for it, after all, so long as I was told individually and not only ever as part of a group. The only time the trance ever broke over the cultists was when W would mention football during his weekly addresses. People were displeased, almost OFFENDED.

The stylesheet is broken because this is an html copy I saved, because at the time I was in a different stage of my huge mental problem and saved EVERYTHING. If you had told me I would be using it to criticize everybody in five years, I might have thought it plausible but I would have been disappointed since at the time I was regretting what I had gotten into five years before then.

Excuse me, this is the INTERNET. We are COOL NERDS. We don’t “do” physical activity. I can’t BELIEVE I need to take time out of lusting after juvenile cartoon rodents to criticize somebody for giving in to an inexplicable base urge for personal enjoyment! I don’t even disagree with his comment and I want to punch this guy, just because it is so pompously-worded and uncalled-for. And later (but before we hated each other) W told me privately that he didn’t even really care about football; he just had to pretend to so he could fit in at work. That is always what he did; whatever he thought would make people like him best, occasionally getting freaked out when it worked too well. He was a military veteran and could not relate to regular people anymore and just pretended to. I am not certain what he factually thought of the sport, but the reaction from others is more relevant. If you like football, people will hate you for that. And if you hate football, other people will hate you for that. And if you just mention it casually people will need to let you know where THEY stand so they do not have to live with thinking you think they think otherwise. And this is not the Gaza Flippety Dippity Strip where there is grey morality and uncertain truth of who is launching more rockets at whom in what order; it’s a stupid game where people move some dumb lump around and usually do not kill anybody. Nazi furries don’t get as much grief as casual football acknowledgers because it seems logical to assume somebody would have called out the nazis before you found them.

Football is just so profoundly stupid and overexposed that every remotely marginalized maniac can unite against its dread destructive oaf force. Organized religion has lost its grasp on right wing mass media, but football is still very there. The police would toss tear gas grenades into your grocery store for having a little Jesus manger hidden in a corner but a cardboard Taj Mahal to football filled with salty crunchy poison right by the entrance is just part of life. In a way I support this resistance, and in another way it seems like the opposing forces have plenty in common. They both think they are best and want the other destroyed. Self-described nerds NEED “jocks” to hate, because otherwise they cannot claim anyone is holding them down. They cannot claim this culture filled with noisy bleepsy hand-held devices with magic powers, “awesome” depressing breakfast foods, inexpensive personalized porn, unlimited sequels to everything and self-contained communities and economies built around just being FANS of stuff is ignoring their interests.

Anyway, I do not see what the big deal is about under-inflated implements. Presumably both sides have to touch the thing.

In summary, I care about everything, especially the things I do not care about.

January 25, 2015
she has one week to transform from cafe house cutie to hipster rock goddess

Hail, cousin. I am a noted expert on the american footed ball. Behold my official league logo shirt that I wear in public alongside other league enthusiasts! Hooray for this sporting event! I am greatly fervid that one team wins while another does not! With such camaraderie and physical conditioning on display in each, how could I choose but one? Hooray for athletic competition! Hooray for the institution!

I am a woman! Sorry, girl! I spend time with men I mean guys! I am also excited about leagues! I exclaim with great glee. It is significant to me that the players move the celebrated lemon-shaped object in one direction or another! Hooray for the human spirit that lets a group work in accord toward a common goal!

Hi ho dear brethren, I am of the negro race. Or as you might say in more colloquial language, a colored man. I do on occasion look beyond my race association to engage in fond fellowship with default-raced folk while I celebrate the state of this noble league! Up pastime! Up sport! For what is life but a drawn out game in the great metaphysical sport of existence?
And up the number 00! It shows my well-rounded “O”penness in interests and also assures ease of reuse if an alternate configuration of this scene requires that I face the opposite direction.

Hooray for franchise approval in general! And hooray for Light Budweiser specifically!

All kidding aside the figure on the left looks more like he is in pain from stepping in a mousetrap than pleased with the spectacle he is witnessing.

Or maybe he is concerned that Rygar has found his island.

Also, a thank-out to all my new rygar alert subscribers.

January 25, 2015
Aywas is a collectible pet site for older teens and adults.

16 Hollywood Stars & Their Escalator Banisters

January 22, 2015
a grownup’s prequel to Peter Pan

I am not certain I agree with that!

January 20, 2015
congratulations, you’re down with crestor

One more wretched nemitz. I cleaned up the central portion with mouse toiling, but otherwise this is what my quackom intuos3 tablet does now. It drops big blobs and does not stop. All I can do is direct the flow. It has some mild decorative use but is not helpful, generally. Which is fitting for nemitz, but if you think this picture is not too bad, I should tell you this was an inadvertent result of a device out of control.

When I tried to make a nemitz on purpose this was as far as I could proceed before giving up.

The problem was with the pen. I found that if I told this to people other than myself they would insist it must be a driver issue. I knew it was strictly physical since it could turn on and off in rapid succession, possibly sensitive to air temperature, and was a problem I could not fix by altering software settings, and ought to have been content that my decision to replace the device was justified, even if no one I talked to understood, since it was ultimately only relevant to me anyhow. I instead wrote numerous lengthy replies to anyone who dared talk to me trying to assure them that it was NOT a driver issue, addressing all their points, giving it far too much thought, seeming angry and insane and wearing myself out. Each person would then interpret my reply as a plea for alternate solutions, which required more lengthy replies, trying to address a problem, that I seem to be in a desperate panic, lashing out at everyone who tries to help me, that is totally removed from the original problem of a machine not working properly that I do not actually desire help diagnosing the problem with, since I have already determined it and how I will address it, and should not have mentioned to begin with. I bought the unit used for $175, and I suppose it just about paid for itself, so I broke down and sobbed even.

In addition to the pen issue, the power cable began to not supply energy unless positioned ever so precisely, hence the tape holding it in place in the picture I showed before I wrote an endless irrelevant summary of my adventures in endless irrelevant summaries.

My computer drawings were exclusively mouse done for 15 years, and when I finally bought a graphic tablet in June 2011 I disliked it immensely and did not use it for almost a year. I had not been actively pursuing the idea of getting one, so I only did by chance, and was content to not use it when I had it.

My recollection is that I drew this with it immediately but it is dated May 2012. What is important is that the first and last things I drew with the tablet were both nemitz and both terrible. Even they look bothered this times. Ordinarily nemitzes thrive on being awful. Wacom may be an anti-nemitic organization.

WHO and nemitz??! This sentence is destined to be slander against me, and it was wise to remain incomplete.

If nemitz fans want to hear from ME, all that shall be audible is my disappointment in them for being nemitz fans. Honestly, how does this concern me in the slightest?

That is better! Unfortunately this seems to be another nemitz with less grabbable ears. It most certainly appears in silhouette due to be being embarrassed at lacking fans/ears. Or perhaps it locked the door and this is a keyhole. It is revolutionary that a nemitz feels shame or humility, and maybe there is hope for it, but on the other mitt, no nemitz has the right to try and prevent me from going someplace! Know this: I go where I like and do as I please! Nemitz I ORDER you to open that door so I can be annoyed at how stupid you look!

And it can ROT in jail! Just because I ordered it to open the door does not obligate me to go through the door! Nemitz is not my mother and I refuse to take orders from it or feel guilty for not visiting it. And how dare you address me with an informal greeting!

How about I start kicking nemitz? What is this, is nemitz a remote-controlled ice cream scoop camera? is nemitz a terrible “indy” video game that homages old games and brings absolutely nothing new or interesting to the mix? Is nemitz potato salad? Is nemitz a loose confederation of aimless nerds that nonetheless inspire devotion from nerds with even more aimless lives because they are nerds out of perceived trendiness, even though that is in fact the opposite of being a nerd, pursuing a personal passion at the possible expense of social status, and throwing money at dumb ideas is just what they think nerds are supposed to do, money of which half will be blown manufacturing irrelevant trinkets to thank me for donating and the rest never accounted for?

Wait, that is not right. Usually nemitz is happy at the end and I am upset! In fact there has not been a single smiling nemitz in this entire post! How infuriating! Whose fault is this?


January 19, 2015
4. Tin Tin Out Of the Club Mix – 7:16

I would just like to remind you that I am not looking for ducks of any sort. It has been said that Hitler had some good ideas. Ducks also had some good ideas.

January 16, 2015
The café society and Bright Young Things of the late 1800s and early 1900s were populated with dudes

Cool dudes not permitted.

In fact dudes in general should keep away from me.

Oh no, floating head graduation hat dudes!

This school is totally rotten! Seriously, the students illustrated here look like meat that has been left in a refrigerator for a month. The situation is ugly, but at least we saved ourselves from

ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRmadillo! The virus is spreading! Soon we will all be dudes

Why my good citizen, but it’s just like the inscription on the tomb! It was written: I shall be a dude, he shall be a dude, she shall be a dude; we shall all be dudes. The prophecy is coming true! Great scott, we’re all doomed.

Do not panic! How bad could these dudes be?


I dare say those are some of the WORST dudes I have yet encountered.

It’s World War Dude.

January 13, 2015
earlier your favorite actors took to the hallway and made some amazing gifs

Some people observed the Golden Globe statue award program in my house. It sounded like Church but with tackier music and more applause breaks. The major difference is that Catholicism’s rituals are slightly less abstract and impractical. I think the ceremony could have been improved by a few pantocrations.
The film titled “Boy-Hood” won a few of the year’s best picture awards. I think there were about five different “best picture” awards given out but Boyhood won two of them, so that is a pretty good score.

I did happen to witness Boyhood some months ago; it is a film recorded across 12 years, focusing primarily on one child from the age of 4 to 16 years. Note that this is not Boy in a Hood, who would probably not have gotten through many years like that. Other characters appear, and then they disappear and we hear no more about them. Just like in REAL LIFE! Yes alright, I have been watching that for 31 years, and I consider its lack of recurring purpose and closure one of the more frustrating matters. A filmmaker has the ability to show just the ones that are important and not waste my time. In the second half I kept thinking it was going to end at literally any point, since it seemed like it had stopped building to anything, but it kept going, adding new people, then dropping them, and when it DID end it was just as abrupt as it would have been when I first expected it to end.

I do think it improves upon the other film directed by Richard Linklater that I saw, Waking Life, but watching a phonograph record spin from start to finish without audio output would be an improvement on Waking Life because it would be over sooner.
In fact neither film has a point and both are too long, and primarily interesting from a production standpoint, but I did not feel the urge to apologize to the person I was with after “Boyhood,” although in that case it was not my idea anyhow so I would not have been at fault, but I did not expect an apology either! Still I felt somewhat empty.

It WAS interesting, and somewhat sad to watch somebody go from periods I recognized, 4-8-12 year old child with no real control, and suddenly jumping to somebody driving a car, living alone, doing sex, things that never fully happened in my life of nearly twice the length. Even choreographed on a screen I missed the transition. Not that I WANT to do all those things, but it would be a change to have the choice to do or not do them. In fact I can drive a car but it always worries me, and I am afraid to do it alone and have never been certified. I passed the knowledge test but the road test was for some reason scheduled for months later and I could not find anybody to drive me to it!

If you are not familiar with Waking Life, good. It is a series of rotoscope-animated scenes of dorks talking at the camera about abstract concepts that lasts two hours. Around the time when I watched it there were also in circulation advertisements called “Talk to Chuck” that were cartoon-filtered “real” upper class scumbags talking at the camera about NOTHING. Imagine watching those for 90 minutes, just with less plot. It is supposed to be like a “dream,” and it is, in the sense that when analyzed after waking up it has no meaning and determining what order events occurred in is impossible. The difference is that if I tried to walk away from the movie my legs would actually have found traction on the ground and I didn’t bother to try. So Boyhood is better than that. It increasingly turns into a series of dopey philosophical interviews as the boy whose hood it is gets older and the script gives him more lines, but at least he is talking to other people. Sometimes he is driving, sometimes someone else is driving. Sometimes he is in a forest.

I would like to see a story filmed in order across a number of years, but Richard Linklater does not typically deal in “stories.” The screenplay was also nobidated for a yet different award, which surprised me via the revelation that it has a screenplay. I thought Dumb and Dumber To had a more solid narrative (but just as much driving). Gosh even that was sad, these people who are supposed to be the stupidest in the universe never have an anxiety panic turning left at an intersection, or any trouble getting on or off a highway or parking.

On the topic it strikes me that studios would not make a Space Jam 2 without Michael Jordan, but went ahead on an official Dumb and Dumber follow-up without Charles Rocket.

not quite; this guy can actually live with himself (and is still administrator of that website).

Nobody I know has a website anymore

Mr. Sr. Mxy
Gilhodes (bah you need a facebook account to see)
video game music database
pacific novelty
Green Lantern Head Trauma

them`s fightin` woids: July 20, 2021
Frimpinheap sez:
instead of dopesona i recommend “dopes oh no” to let everyone know to keep away from...
July 19, 2021
Charmlatan sez:
Fantastic! I’ve been meaning to make a “dope-sona”, but why stop there when I can *become*...
July 11, 2021
Frimpinheap sez:
It does help that part 2 is a better game with generally more logical clues, and consequently...
July 9, 2021
Frimpinheap sez:
I seem to no longer have the video file on my present hard drive but I took the screenshot at may...
July 9, 2021
A hooberdoober sez:
I would imagine the purpose of the multiple, differently-angled belts in the second image is...
July 8, 2021
Frimpinheap sez:
because it is grey now
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