September 24, 2008

I had planned an important Popeye update, but other things have come up.

For some reason I only have until the first week of October to design and complete a christmas “holiday” card this year for whoever I did it for last year, and for some other reason the person who was supposed to tell me that didn’t and so I just found out today. The last time I saw that person was August 29, and of course Christmas Season doesn’t start until August 31. I don’t have much time to think of and consider ideas, so if any person happens to see this within a reasonable period I would appreciate input as to which of these seems the most usable. Otherwise, just laugh at my inefficient creative process and annual failure to empathize.
Last year’s cards are eventually mentioned here.

1 “Nemitz” misunderstands the point of exchanging presents and offers up “Mortimewde” (bow tie animal) to “Elpse” instead of a cartoon giftwrapped box. This doesn’t work primarily because nobody would know that horrible monster always wears a big bow tie ribbon and secondarily for other reasons.
On a less pressing note, is it stranger for the elpse imp to wear a coat and no pants (with shirt left to mystery) or for it to be fully clothed but the nemitz [fur-covered] one nude except for a scarf? Or should they both be fully clothed? It seems odd to do that. And yet it also seems a shame to waste an opportunity to put silly accessories on them.

2 and 3 essentially the same, but the circumstances differ.
In a proper version, the first would more obviously present the idea of a little, pitiful ice pond surrounded by non-navigable terrain. In the second, I wonder if it’s scientifically feasible to freeze your own wading pool, and without destroying it. And if you could do this, why not ice down the road? I don’t know enough to assume ice-skates would not properly grasp such a thin layer of it. And yes, if I go ahead with this I fully intend to use my neighbors’ house as a model. Oddly enough it’s easier to use that than my own but that’s not even why.
I suppose I could always just use the old picture these would be follow-ups to because it hasn’t been publically displayed at all.

6 And so we see there is no shortage of pitiful places to not skate. This is on a beach, in case you aren’t familiar with the international symbol of monochrome sand texture, random black dots. The only other major distinguishing feature of the local beach I can think of is a big black rubber pipe that connects to the septic system or something and I am not sure how normal it is to have one of those (but I included it anyway). I thought this particular scene might not “connect” with people outside “connecticut,” but then I realized that it doesn’t have to because these won’t be for sale, probably even outside New Haven, if anywhere.

4 The Riddler hangs question mark candy canes on a deliberately christmas style tree. Not incredibly inventive but it would look so stupid that it might work. I just wouldn’t feel proper charging people money for a picture I made with The Riddler central to it. Also, I would have to learn to draw The Riddler. That could hold things up. I assure you The Riddler will be wearing pants in any event. Suspenders could hold things up.

5 We seem to be one ski short.
I keep thinking people associate ice skating with christmas more than skiing. And yet this seems off with skates. Regardless, the joke is a bit weak because bombs are funnier (and curiously, easier to relate to) than tails are. The same moral question as before applies to the clothing. If I made this I would probably reverse the creature’s positions. My personal “preview” pictures are often backwards, I’ve noticed. I usually notice in time to do something about it.
I suspect people would much rather buy something that featured pog (the irrelevant middle figure) than the other two but eh.


It occurs to me that none of these are things anybody would want send to someone, certainly not in observance of a federal holiday, but it didn’t when I posted them here. Obviously. My Veterans Day cards, lacking any traditionally associated weather conditions, will be even less relevant.


And this immediately after I accused people of being impulsive in their need to exhibit visually unimpressive rubbish and demand attention for it. The main difference is that I feel like a terrible person whatever happens.

This would work better as the second or third in a sequence.
Maybe in the first the foreground imp finds a big lump of snow and decides to shape spheres from it, and only in the second is the background scheme revealed. But I will do what I have to do once I figure out what that is.

I wondered if freezing water in balloons was possible, and it is, and supposedly people do throw them at each other sometimes, though they may prefer to remove the balloon from the ice first. Ah ha! But nemitz is such a dumb scoundrel it did not realize the water would freeze, ha ha? Iygm, what am I doing? Maybe those creatures are the problem. Would anybody even want to commemorate their favorite Jesus Day with wicked smiling servants of Satan, these frightful yak-beasts from the foulest depths of eternal suffering? Of course they would not give me decent inspiration.


It was suggested to me that I do something like this. Hopefully it will be deemed acceptable by whoever is intended to accept it.

======================equal signs this time

I was not able to discuss the terms of the image with the other party and I know it won’t be available again until Monday, and so, in the absence of official, external doubt, I spent much of this day (this day being Friday, and not the Wednesday the above date seems to suggest) constructing a prettier version of the possibility immediately above here.

And yet I keep thinking that one was a bad idea and that no one will like it. Which is normal, but generally that is in regards to things that I just make because I feel like making them.
Perhaps this will be my own personal Adventures of Pluto Nash. It would be nice to think things could not get worse. The down[er] side to that would be that only the likes of Norbit and Meat Dave remain in my future, and I don’t have a never ending avalanche of Shreck Bucks to support my life’s pursuit of worthless art.

7 Responses
  1. 1
    1:59 am, September 25, 2008

    Jumbi sez:

    I’d say numbers 3 and 5 look the most amusing at the current time, if my words on the Internet mean anything to you.

  2. 2
    2:36 am, September 25, 2008

    Teve Torbes sez:

    I’d go with the first Muffineater image. The third Muffineater also has a certain appeal due to its seaside-ness, but I don’t think the message comes through quite as clearly, whereas the first possess a certain simple elegance.

  3. 3
    2:56 pm, September 25, 2008

    Eesklipisk sez:

    at Jumbi:
    Anybody’s words would matter on this topic since I’m almost totally lost with it.

    at Teve Torbes:
    It does seem that the first is pitiful, the second is stupid and the third is sad. And so at least number 2 may be better represented by a different representative.

    But that could create additional difficulties due to its resemblance to a generic christmas elf.

  4. 4
    6:17 pm, September 26, 2008

    Business Man sez:

    From a commercial perspective, I expect most people can get a good chuckle at the first and third one. But then again, the beach one is also silly because it’s the beach in winter and you can’t possible go ice skating on salt water. Well that is my input, but you will ultimately have the best luck with whichever one you are most passionate about. If all else fails you should just draw me because my glasses are cool.

  5. 5
    12:01 am, September 27, 2008

    Eesklipisk sez:

    I hope some day to tell the world about Business Man.

    (it should be said that I have probably moved the pictures since this comment appeared and I no longer remember which ones Business Man is referring to but fortunately I have already sealed my fate)

  6. 6
    3:20 pm, September 27, 2008

    Geve Gorbes sez:

    Eh, I think the one you settled on is fine. Probably the best of the lot, in fact. The only real problem I can see with it is that the self-satisfied smirk of the bow tie fool has the potential to ruin anyone’s holidays, no matter how initially happy, but that’s just the sort of risk one has to take in the dangerous world of greeting cards.

  7. 7
    6:38 pm, September 27, 2008

    Eesklipisk sez:

    You’ve talked me down from a couple of manic episodes lately. Perhaps I should just start using the instant messenger again so nobody else has to see them.

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