July 26, 2010

I didn’t think all the words in this were boring enough so I also included numerous pictures of words.


If there’s sexism at the Daily Show, most of it’s on the website and written by people who aren’t actually employed by it. Cartoon sleaziness is still the first instinct for men on the internet.

I first heard of these startling accusations when Stephen Colbert mentioned on his show that I “probably already heard.” So maybe you have, also and I needn’t mention it. I wish you’d told me that before I mentioned it. The article accuses the show of discrimination for hiring a lady named Olivia Munn who didn’t come across while on the air as terribly humorous to the writer so there must be some deeper motive. Another moderately recent addition Josh Gad was also less than impressive to complainy viewers despite being a man and fat. I suspect there the explanation is that the show merely deliberately auditioned and hired a non-funny person just to annoy us. I don’t see how this is a huge problem; I remember when Stacey Grenrock joined the show. Because I’m really really old. People hated the first 20 or so reports she did. By the last two, though, she seemed to be getting it.

It ultimately didn’t make a difference. Don’t worry, these both go out of their way to mention that Samantha Bee is less visually appealing to them, and she wasn’t even pregnant then!

We’re getting off-topic, though, I think. From the thing I linked at:

I can’t take seriously any quest for decency or social equality which makes use of the terminology “but-thurt.” I’d rather not attempt to track down its etymology by typing it [anywhere] but at worst it’s mildly anti-gay and at best I just think it’s ugly. I also can’t seriously take the phrase “we geeks,” and while that might be construed as some sort of discrimination on my own part, I am at least aware of this and not lazily tossing around language I picked up on the 4thchan and calling myself a “big think”er.

Munn, whom I had not heard of, was apparently famous despite my not having heard of her on the Cops Channel for being the sort of person who is hired by the Cops Channel, prior to being on the Jeff Dunham Channel. While there definitely continues to be huge potential for any non-male whom pictures exist of (or even somebody of ambiguous gender who merely draws pictures of ladies) to develop a fanbase merely by not being repulsed by the sleazy men who compose a majority of vocal audiences, my first thoughts were of these very oafs themselves. The article laments Munn’s lack of legitimate comedic ability but I don’t reckon most of the viewers have noticed.

This one isn’t any worse than what other late night hosts do in the actual presence of ladies, but I don’t like it when they do that either.

To be fair, the vague, John-Doey default avatars make just about anything seem unsettling. Why is this presumed to be better than no avatar at all?

The Facebook icon explains this, though it stops short of excusing anything.

Whoa there Nunly. There’s only room for one verbose idiot on this page and unfortunately for you it’s the one who controls the crop tool. What’s odd is that Scott here seems to agree with the linked article despite entirely missing its point.

Well I’m glad you said it nicely. Cacofraginstaple, Confederated Creeps of the Covered Keyboard, is it truly so hard for you to locate video of skinny ladies accompanied by open comment fields online? I assure you you’ll find most of them just as unfunny.

Well that’s certainly-

Oh how about th-

This site entry has to end now.


Hey That Daily Show is back from a two week hiatus! And with it a fresh shipment of message board creepism arrives! This is actually pretty nasty, but so is the entry I’m appending this to.

Is it “irony?” Do I care?

Additionally, apparently this is the original article that was controversial. In that case I have no idea why I came across that other one and thought it was what I thought it was –this is even linked from within the other– but apart from that I don’t think anything I said before is less valid than it was, presuming any of that was valid. I wrote it all but didn’t feel like reading it.
It is somewhat less about Olivia Munn and even mentions Miriam Tolan, who was last seen apologizing for not being on the show and then never was again but supposedly married Frankenstein at some point.

8 Responses
  1. 1
    10:53 pm, July 27, 2010

    A jury of your peers sez:

    Does this fat man you mentioned by any chance show a penchant for yelling? I understand that yelling fat men are often assumed to be automatically funny. This might explain that particular hiring decision.

  2. 2
    1:03 am, July 28, 2010

    Frubaklop sez:

    I remembered him being loud in his initial appearance and am able to confirm that upon a review of that. He doesn’t quite yell but he seems like he wants to.
    According to wikehhhpedia, he won some sort of national speech competition in high school, so I’d like to imagine Mr. Gad can engage in speech under certain conditions.

  3. 3
    1:35 am, July 28, 2010

    Pigbuster sez:

    Gad does not, as I recall, yell and holler in an attempt to bring in “da laffs”. It would probably be better if he did, since I really cannot remember just what his particular character’s “hook” was. I think there were jokes about he acts like he isn’t fat but is also sensitive about the issue, or something. That was probably it. In his defense, his hook in being fat is pretty much equivalent to being British or being black or being black while the other black guy is on vacation.

    I think that I rather enjoyed the last special report of Professor J. Gadd’s that I watched, but that was a while ago and I haven’t seem him since. Incidentally, I’ve only seen O Munny a single time, and I don’t remember her, either.

    In other (fake) news, science has gone too far.

  4. 4
    1:37 am, July 28, 2010

    Pigbuster sez:

    How on Earth did it take me half an hour to write that.

  5. 5
    11:27 am, July 28, 2010

    Frubaklop sez:

    Welcome to hell, kid!
    I enjoyed the part of whatever that report was that Gadman did in which he realized he was being filmed for his own “headless fat people” montage. However, he also uses the fat gimmick when interviewing people and this puts the focus on him rather than whatever the purpose of the report is supposed to be. They are the ones who are supposed to look silly. Stephen Colbert makes himself the idiot regularly, but his show is supposed to be about that and in any event he doesn’t always succeed with it, either, I don’t think. My sympathy should never be with the ah I guess “mark” would be the word.

    My point in the main words, though I forgot about it and quickly moved on, was that these shows have extensive auditions and wouldn’t put somebody on the air if that person’s auditions had not gone well. I think the first-timer standards have been eased over the years, since I just looked up and found no great problem with lone Adrianne Frost segment, and Jon Glaser, who I always liked on Conan O’Brien’s program, also never showed up more than once. Kristen Schaal, however, has annoyed me on several occasions. Not deliberately, though, I don’t think.

  6. 6
    6:19 pm, August 7, 2010

    Kilroy Lebowski sez:

    I find humor in angry comments about a comedy show and comedianes(sp?) Comedy shows by nature should be places people go for their ha-has.(not he-he he hasnt been seen for years). I find it funny that people love the laughs so much they write anonymous bitter comments about someone. Even the lady comedianees are bitter. I don’t find Munn particularly funny but the world is full of unfunny comedians, I just don’t see why it would anger so many. I cannot recall the last time I was pissed off that someone didn’t make me laugh( though possibly it was Manuel Noreiga in the 80’s or Estelle Getty).

  7. 7
    8:25 pm, August 13, 2010

    Frubaklop sez:

    Aw beans, Kilroy was here? He was a legend from back in the day(s).

    Oh he he! And he was the last of the he-hes! There will never be another.

    People like to imagine that those actually involved in the production of the program will see their complaints, I think. Or maybe they just like to complain. I like to complain. Although I prefer to complain about things that I don’t perceive an overwhelming number of people are already complaining about, such as the complainers themselves. Even this is becoming a crowded field!

  8. 8
    12:12 am, August 16, 2010

    Kilroy Lebowski sez:

    My biggest complaint is complainers.

    My smallest complaint is lack of adequate ventilation.

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