January 18, 2012


The thing that is currently blocking wikehhhpedia is really wimpy and easy to turn off. Or am I missing the point? Or does my going to wikipedia with the intent to see what its blocking measure looks like and if I can get around it exhibit a fundamental missing of many potential points of my existence?


I recently learned that some people were blacking out their internet in protest tomorrow of SOAP, the notorious remover of blessed and peaceful blackness through the centuries. Well it’s about time I say. With that in mind I upload some particularly grimy watercolor objects from last year, confident that as few people as possible will see them. Although I keep up the fight every day by washing my hands in the dark, I’m used to people taking years to catch up to my trendsetting ways.

Notice that neither of these is doing anything but they’re both not doing it in approximately the same fashion, and both deserve our harshest retribution for it. The one on the right is probably only slightly worse.

Every thing it does is an atrocity. Every act is reprehensible. Every deed is dirty. The bow tie animal could be one of the spaceballs. All it does are dirty deeds. This is interfering with my right as a citizen to protest cleanliness. It is outrageous that that THING is still on the streets. I mean, it should be on the streets. It should be tossed out of a window onto a street. Perhaps out of several windows onto several streets, and perhaps motor vehicles will more closely acquaint the animal with the streets. It’s THAT bad. The thing is horrid. HORRID. horr-id. Can it be stopped? I honestly do not know. Every day it gets horribler and horribler. Truly it is atrocious. Can anything really be THAT bad? Yes. But a little stupid animal? Yes. Do not give it any appreciation. Do not even pretend, to get it to shut up. It will not shut up. It’s so dumb it will think you mean that and think that means it should continue talking about its bowtie or its feet or whatever stupid thing it might talk about. You can only win by not letting it win.

How about this: I’ll cut them off and toss them in a field and then you’ll have to find feet. The bowtie animal is a bozo. i would call it a bonehead, but i suspect it lacks a proper skull. It looks too punchable to have a skull, and if it has a brain surely a skull would have prevented the extensive damage which has no doubt occurred. Oh mushrooms I’m over the deadline by a minute. Now I’m a traitor and don’t support not supporting censorship. All because of feet. In fact I do support censorship but primarily of the elements close at feet at hand.

I know pretending I think SOPA is “SOAP” is really lame and obvious. I assumed it was, thinking I might have a decent angle on it. However, I legitimately do wash my hands in the dark and like imposing my weird habits on people. I have showered at least twice. Interpret that sentence any way you like.
This is a primary reason why I talk about pointless topics others don’t care about; I can have all the dumbest jokes to myself and not be concerned what lazy idiot I’ve never heard of already did it poorly and annoyed someone else I’ve never heard of in some never ending, never starting MC Escher gauntlet of unplacatable judgment of crimes which don’t matter (stop me if someone else on the planet has mistaken Escher for a rapper from the 1980s at some point in history). In fact the less people I’m aware of, the less I want to scream at. I’m a worse judge than anyone and can’t handle it very well, since I’d rather not yell at anyone louder than me. Additionally, when I see “hurr” or “derp” in a simulation of another human I lose my ability to consider it in a rational manner.

6 Responses
  1. 1
    10:52 am, January 18, 2012

    Laplace transform sez:

    It’s like election day and April Fool’s day all in one. Everyone pressures everyone to take action, and every important website is like “Oh I bet you weren’t aware of the significance of this day, here is us being clever.”

    If it’s as easy to make a difference as some claim, then I might try to initiate communication with one of those congresspeople, as if they didn’t have enough to do all day. Then I won’t feel an overwhelming sense of guilt, inevitable no matter the outcome if I don’t “do something”. I panic about things out of my control way more than I should.

    Then again, I suppose today, avoiding a lot of websites where nothing happens anyway, it’s a pleasant change. Then I can focus on the real important ones like this one.

  2. 2
    2:37 pm, January 18, 2012

    Uvprimlurx sez:

    Thank you for looking! I do intend to try and do something important someday.

    I don’t promote passivity, but activism is as much a struggle as other things I’ve expressed frustration at a need to fake an affinity for the past year. It’s a struggle and I’m done with it, hopefully (as my temporarily bloated collection of contacts has dwindled to reflect). I think these people enjoy it and it comes easily to them, like everything else, so I’ll leave them to it.

    I have no doubt that there are people in the legislative branch of government who look at wikipedia while on the job so I like the idea of forcing them to look at this message of disapproval. Or at least force them to get back to work (truly reading letters of complaint people send, for example) instead of researching The Green Lantern’s old sidekick Doiby Dickles or archaic knitting techniques.

    It is in fact possible to not know the level of discontent at the recent proposals unless you follow complainy people who surround themselves with yet more complainy activists. The government, and the corporations that control it are notorious for keeping entourages who have the task of keeping their employers from knowing about anything that they’d rather not bother with. If there are any folks in there who actually do mean well but simply are not aware of their own negligent buffoonery, then I encourage everyone to do everything to pester them.

    On the other ehhh, it does increasingly seem to me that if the government has the authority to vote itself the authority to do stuff, then it will find a way to do it whether it’s “allowed” to or not. They might be able to detain American citizens indefinitely or shut down outlets of expression that they don’t like, but they do it already. Our government has been covertly ordering murders since it’s realized it had the power to do that. Doubtlessly it’s pressured some people somewhere utterly out of business. We’re not nearly at China levels, and I don’t think we’ll get there, but we could do a lot better. Maybe I should type this up there instead!

  3. 3
    7:27 pm, January 18, 2012

    Jumbi sez:

    We’re not nearly at China levels but taking a step in that direction feels like a bad decision. That and I can only buy one video game a year so I use the internet to tell me which one to get, and find all the music I buy, and try to get things that I missed on tv, and and and… I know a great deal of people depend on freedom of the internet to even make a living and navigation seems like it would be so much harder without sites like Wikipedia with its amazing lists and bibliographies.
    I think the bow tie creature took up all the room it would have had for a brain with its eyes.

  4. 4
    8:13 pm, January 18, 2012

    Uvprimlurx sez:

    I agree with that! I hope I did not come across as dismissive. I can’t help tying all my issues together. I might personally improve from restricted/restrained internet access but in no way should this be institutionalized or imposed on anyone else, especially if it’s only to help the corporations that already made splendid livings exploiting humanity.

    It’s nasty. Almost all our manufacturing is done in China, evidently under conditions we wouldn’t impose on our pets, and this isn’t anything new, either.

  5. 5
    7:18 am, January 19, 2012

    The salary–celery merger sez:

    Are you suggesting that in most Chinese factories, sustenance-providing materials re not normally served in crystal goblets?

    Also, it should be noted that even though Muffineater makes a great show of being trouserless in the above images, the bow tie creature still succeeds in looking far more obscene.

  6. 6
    3:10 pm, January 21, 2012

    Uvprimlurx sez:

    Crystal goblets are provided but not a classy fork to ting against them.

    Both imps are widely lauded success stories in their fields.

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